Two John by JohnSergal

Two John


18 September 2018 at 08:23:01 MDT

Small manipulations with time and space can change life and control all paths and choices to your liking. Some clever man learned how to do this and chose John as an adept rat. Snatching in the past, he chose and controlled the necessary moments, which led to the changes he needed. He remade the life line of John, turning him into a female with the education of an obedient slave. To consolidate his success, he repeated the procedure and created another female slave John.
Games with time and space in the right hands is fun.
Sergals and nevreans species © mick39
Art by
Sergal and nevrean John


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    slave john 2 electric avenue

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      What do you mean?

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        no its like a meme. whenever there is a sequel or follow up to something you write " X 2 electric avenue". Usually if you think the thing youre commenting on sucks, but i dont think this sucks. i just like saying the meme. my bad yo lol

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          Okay. I'll keep it on mind.