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Octransfur Day 17: Full Pack [Gum Rockruff TF] by Joat

Chris the bubble dragon gave an annoyed huff, laying back with his arms crossed, gazing out from within a giant bubblegum bubble at a bunny-eared bubble dragon. Less than a minute ago, Chris had been a Mew. But then, he encountered the bunny-eared bubble dragon and began boasting of his superior bubble abilities, at which point the bubble dragon grabbed a nearby pack of gum and started blowing a big bubble with it, which enveloped Chris and transformed him into what he was now.

The pack of gum, with four sticks remaining, was now laying on the floor. The bunny-eared bubble dragon had his back turned to Chris, giving a speech - which seemed to be intended to be dramatic - about his own superior bubble abilities. But as that was going on, Chris saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He glanced over, discovering a strange sight: A large pink phoenix who appeared to be made of the same thing his bubble prison was: Bubblegum.

The gum phoenix looked toward Chris, then raised a wing up in front of his beak in a “Shhh...” sort of motion, before making his way toward the ranting bubble dragon. The phoenix raised its wings, weaving some magic as the four remaining sticks of gum began floating up, reshaping themselves into large gum bubbles, which in turn reshaped themselves into bubble dragons, each one twice the size of the bunny-eared bubble dragon. It was at this point that the ranting bubble dragon, coming to the “dramatic” finish of his speech, decided to turn around to deliver the final line... discovering the new bubble dragon bubbles.

Before the bunny-eared bubble dragon could respond, the bubble dragon bubbles had put their muzzles together, the four of them puffing into one big gum bubble which was now pressing against the bunny-eared bubble dragon’s muzzle. He tried pulling away from the bubble, but it pulled his muzzle inside, reshaping it into a short pink canine muzzle made of bright pink bubblegum. He then tried pushing the bubble away, his forepaws sinking into it and becoming cute little pink forepaws, now significantly less draconic-looking with no visible claws.

Chris was no longer grumpily crossing his arms, but was now laying on his front, swaying his tail as he enjoyed the show. Normally he preferred to be the one doing the pranking, but this was good too! He watched as the bunny-eared bubble dragon’s arms and head were pulled inside, the arms becoming cute little gum forelegs and his head quickly reshaping and gummifying, his bunny ears shortening to cute little dog ears flopped over midway up their length as a tuft of gum fur former on either side of his face. Being so well-versed in Pokémon, Chris was easily able to figure out just that the bubble dragon was becoming a cute little gum Rockruff, a conclusion soon confirmed by the formation of a gum ruff around the neck.

The no-longer-bunny-eared soon-to-be-Rockruff kept trying to pull back away from the bubble as it grew larger and larger, pulling him further inside, transforming his torso and shrinking it down to a more fitting size for a Rockruff. He tried to protest against what was going on, but it was replaced with cute high-pitched barking. Not quite accurate to a Rockruff, but Chris thought it was a cute touch. He also thought it was quite cute and amusing just how deeply the new Rockruff was blushing at his predicament.

The Rockruff continued struggling, his draconic tail reshaping itself into a curled, fuzzy dog tail as it was pulled inside. His legs were next, shrinking down and changing to gum, before finally his draconic hindpaws were changed into cute little canine hind paws, completing his transformation into a cute little bubblegum Rockruff.

The four bubble dragon bubbles backed away, leaving the Rockruff trapped inside the massive bubble. Then, the gum phoenix walked over to the bubble, resting a wing on its surface and gazing in at the trapped Rockruff, who finally noticed the big bird’s presence.

The gum phoenix then spoke. “So you think you can use some of my magic gum to pretend you know your way around bubbles, do ya?”

Octransfur Day 17: Full Pack [Gum Rockruff TF]


The prompt for this day was Bubble, and given that I am made of bubblegum and I have a rather bubble-obsessed close friend, this day was bound to be special. But even so, I did not quite expect what happened today. I did plan for this story to feature said bubble-obsessed friend, but as it turns out, well...

I am not going to be doing the traditional comparison to what CrizBN did, because today it's a collab! Sort of. If you squint. We discussed in advance what we would be doing for our respective pieces, with my piece being a direct sequel to his. Though admittedly, we both ended up deviating from the plan. He made himself a normal bubble dragon instead of one made of bubblegum (the idea was that the bubblegum Kevin was using was enchanted by my magic for the transformation effect, and my fursona specializes in gum magic, so bubblegum would have made more sense), which was probably just a case of him forgetting.

Meanwhile, I had an idea I felt was more interesting and I felt (correctly) that CrizBN wouldn't mind the change in plan. The original idea was just for the gum to be sneakily enchanted to turn Kevin into a gum Mew when he blew a bubble with it. That was the first plan, while what I actually went with was the third plan. The second plan involved Kevin using the other four sticks of gum to transform four others, since people in CrizBN's stream chat seemed interested in bubble dragon TF stuff, but when I called out for volunteers nobody signed up, so that ended that idea. But I still wanted the other four sticks in the pack to be involved, so my first plan wouldn't quite fit, so... this story happened, with Rockruff because he quite likes Rockruff.

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