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Octransfur Day 9: Alone Time [Energy TF] by Joat

Abby had been very happy to unlock her psychic potential. However, in doing so she had turned into a Mew, and she had not anticipated just how much attention it would bring her. She did not mind attention to an extent, but it seemed she could scarcely get a moment to herself nowadays. The price of being cute, perhaps, but she was still determined to find somewhere peaceful, somewhere she could be alone. And thanks to a mysterious talking cat, she had unlocked the ability to do just that.

She placed both forepaws on the crystal ball, gazing deeply into it. She willed herself to be pulled inside, starting to feel her body losing its defined form. Her body started to glow red, more and more as she found her material body turning into red energy, starting to lose its shape but still holding together perfectly well rather than dispersing. Before long, she lost her defined shape entirely, looking like an amorphous blob as she was pulled into the crystal ball.

She could see all around herself without eyes, hear all around herself without ears. However, right now her concern wasn’t with the world outside the crystal ball. Her concern was with her time in the orb, for now. She found it quite easy to ignore sight and sound, instead simply allowing herself to... be. She felt as if she had no body at all, her mind free to relax and recover for a while. The crystal ball would conceal her presence within, ensuring none would disturb her.

She would be able to retake physical form whenever she wished, but for now, it was time to relax alone.

Octransfur Day 9: Alone Time [Energy TF]


10 October 2021 at 17:13:07 MDT

The prompt for this day was Singular. The first thing that came to mind was a merge TF, but... I don't like those, so I went with this instead. It still fits pretty well, I'd say. The only problem is... it felt too easy. The writing being quick and easy is welcome considering how I was falling behind, mind, but the transformation was so easy to write that it kinda felt like cheating.

what CrizBN did, where we interpret it as "being alone". Though in the case of his piece, it's partially the cause of an involuntary TF, whereas with my story someone is voluntarily transforming in order to be alone for a while.

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