Octransfur Day 24: A Random Story [Latex Cat TF, Sticky] by Joat

Joat gazed at the empty document, unsure of what to write. Well, okay, it actually wasn’t empty. That same document had two requests and all of the Octransfur stories up to this point, but let’s just pretend the document was blank, for narrative elegance. Anyway, he was staring at a blank document as the protagonist of this story, a human by the name of Ryan, tapped his foot impatiently. But no matter how he tried, Joat just couldn’t decide on a plot for-

“It’s not a blank document, you know,” Ryan said.

Joat was uncertain what he meant.

“You had completed four sentence before I interrupted you,” he continued.

Smart aleck...

Anyway, then Joat had a brilliant idea! What if, instead of the plot involving dice in the storyline, the dice would DETERMINE the storyline. And since he couldn’t think of a suitable setting, he would make a list of six setting types, then roll a die to determi-

“So you can’t come up with one setting, but you can come up with six just fine?” Ryan asked.

My mind works in strange ways, okay?


Anyway, here is the list:
1: Fantasy
2: Sci-fi
3: Western
4: Modern
5: Gothic
6: Pirate

Joat then picked up a die, rolled it vigorously, and... okay, actually he just used the “roll a die” function on Google. In any case, he rolled a three, thus making the setting a Western.

“Hold on though, isn’t that a missed opportunity?” Ryan asked, “ I mean, it’s October. It’s a mere week before Halloween. And we’re NOT going with the gothic setting?”

...But the dice theme. We need to roll for stuff or we’re not going to fit into the prompt for the day.

“Fine, fine. Gothic western,” Ryan said.

The author found this agreeable. And so, Ryan began his trek through the spooky ghost town, revolver at the ready. Most people stayed away from this place, but not Ryan. He had a reason to come here. A randomly generated reason. Let’s see here...

1: Kidnapped loved one
2: Fame and fortune
3: Boredom
4: Revenge
5: Exploration
6: Curiosity

The die had spoken, and Ryan had come there in search of something interesting. He’d grown tired of his years at the stables, same things day in and day out. He yearned for some excitement and he figured he’d find some here. But little did he know that he would get more than he bargained for, as he heard a noise from nearby. Drawing closer, he discovered... something. Time for another roll!

“You are having way too much fun with this now,” Ryan said.

Yes, I am!

1: Ghost
2: Zombie
3: Skeleton
4: Construct
5: Beast
6: Alien

The author, at this point, was reasonably convinced that the random number generator was broken, given the over-abundance of threes. Ryan, meanwhile, felt this might be tricky to deal with. With a normal foe, he could shoot them in the heart for a kill, but this was a skeleton, lacking in any internal organs, which would make a kill much harder. Worse, the skeleton had a gun of its own, which it was moving its arm to draw. It was time to break out the twenty-sided dice and roll for initiative:

Skeleton: 1+3=4
Ryan: 11+4=15

“Wait, why are there two numbers added together?” Ryan asked.

Because the second numbers are your initiative modifiers, duh.

“Geez, that’s one fast skeleton!”

Not fast enough, though. Ryan drew his gun lightning quick and shot the skeleton right between the eye sockets, causing its skill to fall right off. But even despite that, the skeleton managed to fire a shot right before falling apart. It hit Ryan right in the chest, but simply went through harmlessly, leaving neither a hole, nor blood, nor any pain, but instead an odd tingling sensation. And at that point, the dice were rolled again.

“Multiple six-sided dice?” Ryan asked.


“I’m not going to get hit by a fireball spell, am I?”


1-3: Anthro
4-6: Feral

1: Normal
2: Gum
3: Slime
4: Latex
5: Pooltoy
6: Plushie

1: Bat
2: Black cat
3: Raven
4: Wolf
5: Rat
6: Hybrid (roll twice)

“So we’re finally getting to the TF now, huh?” Ryan asked, his shirt starting to disintegrate as his chest and back started to turn shiny and black near where the bullet pierced him. Indeed, it was time for the TF to begin.

“You realize most of the potential audience probably left while you were fiddling with dice for multiple pages, right?” Ryan asked. He looked down at the spreading substance that was claiming more and more of his torso. “Well, looks like I got latex, so that’s way better than the alternative.”

The author wondered what Ryan was referring to, but he didn’t have to wonder for long, as Ryan spoke up again to elaborate, a thin black tail starting to form from behind as his arms and legs were changing to black latex, his shirt fully gone and his pants starting to vanish as well, his torso fully transformed and simplified in shape. “Well, I mean... I read the previous story. I know what turning to gum entails, and it pretty much means sticking to everything you touch and every step being a massive pain. But you rolled something else and therefore don’t get to inflict that on me, so there!” With that, he blew a raspberry at the author.

The author decided to ignore that for now, as Ryan felt it become harder to stay upright. He got on all fours, his arms and legs becoming more equal in length as they finished changing to black latex. His tail, at this point, was fully grown. He gave it a couple test swishes, watching it as it moved.

Next to change were his hands and feet, each changing into cute, squeaky paws. He lifted up his forepaws, looking at the squeaky pawpads on the bottoms of them. As he did so, he saw his mouth and nose push out into a short black muzzle. He felt the sides of his head with his forepaws, his paws squeaking against his head along the way as he confirmed how much of his head had changed. Soon, he confirmed that all of it had, including his now-triangular squeaky ears atop his head. The changes were complete, and now he was the size of a housecat. Quite appropriate, given that he was indeed a housecat, albeit one made of squeaky, shiny latex.

Ryan looked himself over, liking what he saw. “Meow, this isn’t bad at all!” he said, walking around a bit, testing how his new body felt. It was quite liberating, actually. He felt like he had boundless energy and couldn’t tire, along with the usual aches and pains of a human body being gone now. In fact, this may have been the perfect form for him, even despite the lack of opposable thumbs. He decided next to test his jumping ability, leaping up onto a bench. He did so flawlessly, but when he landed, he felt his paws land not on something hard, but instead on something soft and squishy.

He gave a loud, surprised meow as he looked down, seeing the entire bency thickly covered in a bright pink substance. Sniffing the substance, he found it smelled oddly of... bubblegum? Indeed, that seemed to be exactly what he’d landed in. Perhaps it had been left behind by a bunch of uncaring townsfolk before the town had been abandoned. Or perhaps it had been left by an author who had been raspberried at. Either way, all four paws were in this stuff now.

He tried lifting up a forepaw, which had sunk so deep into the gum that it was entirely concealed by it. The gum stretched an inch, then two, then three, but at that point he was pulling as hard as he could and the gum was quite clearly not even close to letting go. The elastic force of the gum was too strong, snapping his paw back into place. He gave a frightened meow, then tried lifting up a hind paw, feeling the bubblegum stretch and pull at his paw, before it too was pulled back down into the sticky trap.

He continued wiggling and pulling his paws, the squishy bubblegum far too strong for the cute little squeaky cat to escape. Perhaps he would be trapped there forever, or perhaps just until the bubblegum dried out, or perhaps until someone found him and pulled him free, or perhaps until he properly learned his lesson about taunting the author. Whatever the case, he would definitely be stuck there for at least the rest of the story, as it was coming to a close now.

Octransfur Day 24: A Random Story [Latex Cat TF, Sticky]


26 October 2020 at 15:49:30 MDT

The prompt for today was Dice. My first idea was TF via dice result, but I decided that might be too obvious, so I decided to make this instead. I'm not entirely sure what this is. I'm pretty sure it's a story. Probably.

Doing the traditional comparison with what CrizBN did, I would say that what he did was a lot more normal. Then again, who knows? Maybe dice-rolling was involved in him drawing the piece, too. Maybe behind the scenes, he had a whole massive D&D game with friends until finally something TF-y came up and he drew that. But I get the feeling he just came up with an idea for a drawing and drew it like a normal person.

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