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OTA Manticore Adopts! by Jmonster

OTA Manticore Adopts!


20 April 2015 at 11:28:56 MDT

Been wanting to make manticores for awhile, and i need some moneys so i whipped some of their guys up. I plan on doing a few of these because i love manticores, and i know you do too ;P

Anyways, these are OTA, (nothing less than $3 please!) I will put an "X" over the ones who are taken!


Once adopted you may do small edits, character development, and you may trade and resell them (but not for more than you paid for unless you give extra art). Once you buy, you also can ask for any small edits in terms of colors. I will not edit any mutations. You receive a 50% bigger image of your adopt(unwatermarked), as well as color clean up, and for an extra $2 I will throw in a bust.

Characters and art belong to me until adopted.