Tiger Fox by JKNewLife

Tiger Fox


30 December 2019 at 20:46:12 MST

The third drawing involving this unnamed hybrid.

edit: I've finally come up with a name for this girl, I think I'm gonna call her Kate/Katie. Funny story about the name is that it was the name of two lead characters in very early versions of the comic. One Kate was a tiger, the other a fox, both of which eventually became Sara. But for this girl why not combine the two 'Kates' and name this Fox-Tiger hybrid after them.
(I almost think I may have had this name in mind beforehand because if you look at her necklace on her 2nd drawing it has a 'K' on it)

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    How many characters do you have that you haven't named at this point? Not a criticism, just asking. X3

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      Hmm let me think
      I guess that depends on how we count them. If we are counting characters that have only appeared in drawings (not background/minor characters from the comic) then...

      -This fox/tiger hybrid (3 drawings)
      -Black and white tie wearing male cat (has 2 drawings)
      -Male tiger (1 drawing)
      -Blue haired tiger striped cat (1 suggestive drawing on FA)
      -Fox awaiting a text reply (1 recent drawing)
      -Male fennec fox (1 recent-ish drawing)
      -Female dog (2 drawings for snout practice)
      -Male blonde dog drinking coffee (1 recent drawing)
      -Halloween pinup dog girl (1 drawing)
      -Female brown dog girl (1 suggestive drawing)
      -Curvy feline girl with shedding problems (1 drawing with alternate)
      -Upside down feline(?) girl (1 drawing, pose practice)
      -Otter guy (1 drawing)
      -Curvy rabbit girl (1 drawing)

      At least 14 however I dont really count the ones that have only 1 drawing since they're usually used for some sort of 'proof of concept' or practice drawing. Out of these characters maybe 2 or 3 might eventually be named and recurring for more drawings.

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        Wow, haha. That's a lot! I wonder if there is a way to (eventually) incorporate all of these characters into a comic. I doubt it, but it would be fun to see how hectic it would be haha

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          Some of them maybe, at least as background or very minor characters but I wouldn't hold my breath. But yeah that's the list of the unnamed and one-time drawn characters. It'll probably continue to grow as I try to broaden my horizons some.