Half Human by JKNewLife

Half Human


26 July 2019 at 10:53:27 MDT

Nightmare material
A silly drawing idea I've been sitting on for a long time. Hazel has been turned into a human minus her ears and tail by some mysterious force (or nightmare). Since she already doesn't like being uncovered even with fur really isn't fond of this form especially with its exposed 'pink bits'. Afterall its going to be much colder than being fur covered

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Random Thought: Unless Hazel's legs lengthened to compensate for the human feet she'd now be less than 5ft tall. Really smol

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    Oh dear

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      Everyone stand back, once she gathers herself she'll probably murder the first person who makes a remark ^-^

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      Every time I hear that phrase now, I heard David McCollum's (As Ducky Mallard) voice.

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        Heh NCIS fan I take it

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          I cannot tell a lie. Yup! Ever since my mom introduced me to the show about 6 years ago, I've been a fan.

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            X3 awesome what's your thoughts on the Gibbs slap moment I find it funny

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              Brain dusters is what I call them. LOL. It was especially funny the first time he slapped Ziva and her reaction.

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    throws towels at her here you are! Lol