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4 May 2019 at 15:56:56 MDT

Tried to make a 'painted' style drawing. It's alot harder than it looks I found out...
Weirdly this is one of those drawings that seems to look messed up at certain viewing sizes vs others. Like the small thumbnail size makes it looks kinda 'doofy' especially where the hair partially covers her eyes. But if it's zoomed way up you'll see all the weird blending I had to do. While it was an interesting attempt I think I'm gonna stick to drawing things in a 'cartoony' style and leave this to just some experiemental drawings.
Weirdly I don't have as much trouble with 'painted' backgrounds and I actually use them quite a bit. Maybe its due to the lesser detail especially with far objects or simpler shapes IDK.

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    I think this might be one of the best drawings of Sarah you have ever done! I love those eyes and that expression. Adorable!

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      ^-^ Thanks,
      This version has grown on me since I originally released it (there's an alternate updated version I have on DA with a slightly different expression mostly because of how the smaller thumbnail view's looked funny on this version)

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        Ah okay. I’ll have a look sometime. I’d like to see you do some more art in the style. Sorry if that sounded demanding lol I don’t tell you what to do but it looks really nice. It’s a matter of fact, I may print this off and put it in my room. I really really love that style!😸

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          Maybe sometime in the future I may make some more in this 'Painted' style. But until I practice this style more and find ways to make it easier it'll be one of those occasional type things.