His World by Jin-Lust-4-Sin

His World


4 January 2017 at 08:49:08 MST

Sometimes... all it takes is just a few words to snap someone off their trance of sadness. Even in Jin's case, where it's been as severe and as much as 6 years straight, it's no exception.
Even when escaping from the cruel reality and entering the fandom, it was no different to Jin. It's not just a feeling of being left-out, it was all around him, cornering his mind to nothing but negative thoughts of him being useless, worthless, and insignificant. A waste of soul, skin and life.
Bullies abused him. Friends used or left him. Haters accused him. Everyone else ignored him.
All such negative emotions bottled up inside made him speechless when he sees his friend Volt walking up to him...
... and just like that, Jin is introduced to what the community should've meant to him so long ago...

This is literally the very first gift I've ever received in 6 years that have hardened me to think that I'm as good as gone...
I really can't thank him enough. Even for such a simple pic, the emotions are overwhelming me.
My biggest thank for him.

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