[Miragaia Adopts] Texas Roadside Flowers - OPEN by Jifi-Dawg

[Miragaia Adopts] Texas Roadside Flowers - OPEN


8 September 2019 at 05:50:07 MDT

So I uh, really like dinos... Surprise surprise... and I wanted to make some dinos to share because there are not enough dinos in the world EVER <33 I went with Miragaia because they're one of my FAVORITE stegosaurs and I feel like they don't get enough love ;v; Also I know I spelled Blue Bonnet wrong, I just think it's prettier with two T's?? SHRUG

-Do NOT claim that you made the design!
-Do NOT claim the art as your own!
-Do NOT edit this art in any way!
-If you're going to reupload it to toyhouse or something please credit me! (My toyhouse is also Jifi-Dawg)

Indian Paintbrush $20 - CLOSED to Rousumouse
Blue Bonnet $15 - OPEN
Buttercup $18 - CLOSED to FerraDaGrif