Chibi Kids by Jifi-Dawg

Chibi Kids


12 July 2017 at 23:10:47 MDT

Another thing I found while sorting! These were also going to be decorations on that project I never finished. Now they're just cute to look at~
The cow was a sort of mascot I made for myself in high school, and his name is Hayden the Hatter. I actually had a cow costume that I dressed up differently on Halloween for sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school. The first year I put vampire teeth and a Mad Hatter hat on it, thus Hayden was born!
The little brown fella next to him is a cartoon I made like, a million years ago?? They're called Kitmunks and my husband and I used to doodle them in class and communicate with their annoying as hell language to get under our classmates' skin xD
The dog with the hood is a Toontown fan character I made when the original Toontown Online shut down. I was so distraught that my childhood game was gone that I recreated my in-game avatar as an OC. His name is Super Bingo McZilla, or Bingo/SBMZ for short~ Of course now I have Toontown Rewritten and Project Altis to make ALL the Bingos in! >:3c
And the snake is... just a snake xD

The more you know!

They're cut out of watercolor paper and colored with regular colored pencils. The outlining was done in thin point Sharpie~

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