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Make Way for Vixie! by Jifi-Dawg

Make Way for Vixie!


Say hello to Vixie! She's going to be taking Kenai's place as my primary fursona, but don't worry, Kenari will still be here. After five years Kenari's started to become a person all her own, and she's not really me anymore, so she'll be my mascot instead.

Vixie is a mix between a spotted hyena, kaprosuchus, and cuttlefish. The hyena and kaprosuchus parts are obvious, so I'll just explain the cuttlefish traits lol The "hair" tied in a pony-tail is actually cuttlefish tentacles, and they tend to have a mind all their own, which is why she ties them back. The light purple underside looks like scales, but is actually very soft and squishy, like a cuttlefish, and can change colors depending on her emotions and environment. Lastly, her stripes have a habit of "moving" by growing in different directions every time she sheds.

She's very emotional and unpredictable, making her a wild card. She's prone to outbursts, and has a habit of getting lost in her thoughts and coming out of it as an emotional wreck. She's also very outspoken and opinionated, and will tell you what's what whether you like it or not. However, doing this can cause her to question herself and become aggressive. Everything she does she does with 100% of her heart and it's very apparent. It's no secret that she wears her heart on her sleeve and will follow it always. Don't get in her way or you'll just get mowed over.

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