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A portrait of sorts.. by Jibade (critique requested)

A portrait of sorts.. (critique requested)


23 November 2014 at 15:25:22 MST

Wow..thanks vizsla!


I'm amazed. I have no words for this and I seriously
don't even know what to type right now.

Just, go and commission him, seriously.

God this guy is good. His style, fits my persona's
image well. All I can only say right now, again, is
a big thank you.

Amazing artwork © to vizsla
Jibade © as myself

If anyone uses this and claim its me...boy are
they wrong.

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    This is lovely! I just wonder why you have critiques on for it of you're not the artist of this particular piece? D:

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      I guess I have the critique on it as well to see if others like it, as far as it being something that they think would suit me. Though I'm not the artist that did it, no, but there might be some people who're watching me, and not watching the artist, and vice verse. Plus, the artist himself said he loves to have critiques as well.

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        Ah! I understand. It was just confusing at first glance.

        Well let's see - The image itself is lovely. I would have commented on making one more pass to define the shapes and colours a bit more, but... nah. It's not necessary. Especially in icon form. The broad, rough strokes translate really well into a smaller scale and everything is just.... well. Lovely!

        As for how it fits in relation to yourself, I can't say exactly since I don't know you that well! But based off of what I can see in your profile, especially your chosen quote, it does well to add to the mystique. Friendly, but also guarded, mysterious, with eyes that can see through you almost.

        Anyway, I'm rambling!

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          Oh ho, nice critique there. And trust me, your not rambling. It's good to know how your perceive me as, well from the way the picture is made with the clothing.

          I'm glad It was made it "mysterious" to you as I was wanting the artist to go for that look, and the same can be said about the eyes.

          But thanks. Normally I don't get this sort of comment a lot, and it honestly makes me feel better. Though as always, you can say the same critique for the artist as well, (that's why yes, I give them credit and place their name in the comments) though adding what I mentioned above of why I normally want to have critique, it helps me understand that the individual that's looking at the picture, I would want the same reaction that they had when I requested the way I wanted the picture to look.

          What you did here, is a perfect example. Again, really appreciate it, Amon. It's always a warm welcome to see you comment on something I have posted.