Lion (2014) by jiasaykea

Lion (2014)


8 April 2017 at 21:14:43 MDT

Part of the Sky Above Earth Below Oracle Deck I created in 2014. Mixed Media

Lion (Strength, Teamwork[feminine])
Lion roars beneath the hot sun. Unlike other large cats lions hunt together, sharing food and parenting responsibilities. These large groups are called prides. Prides are made up of two or three males and up to a dozen or so female lions. Also, unlike other large cats, there is an obvious visual difference between the sexes. The mane of a male lion serves to make him look bigger and therefore more frightening to enemies. However this feature also makes a male lion easier to spot. Although a luxurious mane is usually the hallmark of a male lion some female lions do have manes. This incredibly rare occurrence is probably caused by a genetic disorder which likely leaves the lioness infertile. Male lions are slower than their female counterparts, using physical capability to defend itself; easily linking it to the attribute of strength. Male lions use their incredible strength to protect their pride from rival lions and hyenas. Female lionesses do most of the hunting, working in groups to bring down prey. It was this tactic that led to lion being known for teamwork. The large, carnivorous diet of a lion makes this teamwork necessary. Because it is the females that do most of the hunting, lions can also be a symbol of the feminine.

Lions enjoy a largely positive depiction in culture as strong and noble. Ancient Egyptians worshipped the lioness as war deities such as Bast and Sekhmet. Asiatic lions stood as imperial guardians at palaces for protection; though their depiction was more fantastic than realistic. Greek storyteller Aesop used the lion’s symbolism of strength and power in 'The Lion and the Mouse', and 'The Lion's Share'. From Christian legend comes the story of Daniel, who entered a lion’s den and escaped unharmed. Early Christian myth also sees lion as the earthly opponent to eagle. The moniker that lion carries as 'the king of the jungle' has led to many leaders using the mantle of lion to align themselves with the regal strength that lion is said to represent. In many cultures lion is linked to the sun, and even to gold. In heraldic imagery lion can be portrayed several ways but traditionally symbolizes courage. In more modern culture the lion is widespread; from the cowardly lion in ‘Wizard of Oz’ to Aslan in ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Lions even exist as animated characters in ‘The Lion King’. The constellation of Leo is based on the Nemean lion, a mythical lion of Greek lore with an impenetrable hide; who was ultimately killed by Hercules.

When lion roars in your cards it could be time to reexamine your idea of strength and teamwork. Are you cooperating well with those around you? Are you being over or under protective of things in your life? Are you balancing your masculine and feminine sides? An examination of the sun card may prove helpful; and the biome of grassland, which is lion's home.

Astrology- (Western Leo Jul 23- Aug 22) This western sign is all about power and exuberance. Leo is a fire sign and as such has dynamic persona. Natural born leaders, this sign has a savvy way of analyzing situations and executing swift judgement. Those born under this sign need to be cautious about coming across as too bossy and may be overly concerned with appearances. Brave and big-hearted are keywords for Leo. Leo may be vocal about their opinion but beneath that willful face is a tender intuitive nature and a sensitive nature that they should work on sharing more often.

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Regal, Leadership, Assertion of the Feminine, Bond, Roar

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