Hummingbird (2014) by jiasaykea

Hummingbird (2014)


7 April 2017 at 09:30:27 MDT

Part of the Sky Above Earth Below Oracle Deck I created in 2014. Mixed Media

Hummingbird (Joy, Tirelessness)
Hummingbird flits from flower to flower. Hummingbird is one of the smallest and most brightly coloured birds in the world. The iridescent quality of a hummingbird’s colours may have contributed to it being linked with the attribute of joy. In many species, the colouration of a hummingbird doesn't come from pigment within the feather structure; rather from prism-like cells within the top layers that refract light. The fast beating of a hummingbird's wings allow it to hover in place and move in all directions; even backwards. Hummingbirds feed on the nectar found within flowers. Their slender, long bill is uniquely suited to the task. Because of their speed, hummingbirds eat constantly. It was this trait that made them symbolic of tirelessness. Hummingbirds may eat small insects, from time to time, but their diet of nectar makes them great pollinators. For its size and metabolism hummingbird has a relatively long lifespan, perhaps another indication of hummingbird being emblematic of tirelessness. Hummingbirds make small, cup shaped nests to protect their tiny eggs; each about the size of a pea.

Ancient Aztecs wore hummingbird talismans. The sharp beak represents weaponry, and the bird itself was seen as providing vigour and energy. Mayan legend says that the hummingbird is the sun in disguise, looking to court a woman, who is the moon. In many Native American cultures hummingbird is very closely linked with the tobacco plant. Because of its rainbow colouring hummingbird dances and feathers are used in some native cultures in rituals that bring the rain. Some tribes in the Andes see hummingbirds as being linked with resurrection. Their ability to pause, and even go into torpor, only to fly off at great speed the next moment made this belief take root. In many cultures hummingbird was seen as having the ability to open hearts wherever it went. this may be due to its beauty, or its deep connection with plants; and therefore plant medicine. Hummingbird feathers have historically been used as love charms. The beauty of hummingbird feathers led them to be used in decoration, especially in ladies’ hats, and fans.

When hummingbird flits into a reading it may be time to examine that which brings you joy. Are you appropriately savouring the sweet things in life? How or why has your ability to feel joy been blocked? Are you tirelessly pursuing joy in all things? Hummingbird is most linked to the elements of earth, and air but also water due to the prismatic colours it creates, like a rainbow.

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