Goose (2014) by jiasaykea

Goose (2014)


1 April 2017 at 10:11:50 MDT

Part of the Sky Above Earth Below Oracle Deck I created in 2014. Mixed Media

Goose (Group Power, Vigilance)
Goose flies in a V-formation overhead. The telltale sign of geese is the V-formation they use while traveling. This aerodynamic trick boosts efficiency and range over long migratory flights. It was this ingenuity that made goose a symbol of productive power. Geese are known for their migratory behaviour, leaving when they need to to seek a better environment. While geese may eat bugs and small fish occasionally, their diet is primarily herbivorous in nature. Because of their consumption of grain geese may be seen as pests. Although geese may live near the water they spend more time on land than similar waterfowl. The long neck of a goose helps it to feed easily and to watch for predators. Most predators will only eat young goslings; full grown geese can be quite aggressive. They live in large flocks where they take turns standing guard. Loud honking cries earned geese a reputation as symbols of vigilance.

Because of their aggressive nature geese were seen by the Celts as representing warrior divinities: both male and female. In fact, the idea of a 'wild goose chase' likely came from the fact that before gunpowder geese were relatively difficult to capture and kill. The Germanic goddess Holle (sometimes Hilde/Hilda), living in the forest with her flock of geese might be the root of the figure known as Mother Goose. Geese sometimes appear in Native American folklore as gullible; and are taken advantage of by tricksters. Goose was a sacred bird in the temple of Juno in Rome. Even today goose down is used in blankets and pillows because of its insulating qualities. Geese are still eaten by humans.

When goose glides into your cards it may be time to question your idea of power. In what ways are you using your power to be productive? Are you being vigilant enough, or are you overly vigilant? Are you ready to be vigilant on the behalf of others? Goose is linked to the elements of water, earth, and air; deftly able to move in all three.

Astrology- (Native Dec 22- Jan 19) The Native sign of Goose is ambitious to a fault. This sign likes to set goals and will doggedly persist until it reaches them. Determined Goose isn't very interested in the approval of others, preferring to compete with themselves. Goose needs to be cautious of obsessive, even addictive, behaviour. Those born under this sign are excellent in business and competitive sports. Goose can be quite passionate and ambitious, with the ability to persevere.

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Travel, Loosey Goosey, Call of the Quest, Building Power, Return Home

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