Falcon (2014) by jiasaykea

Falcon (2014)


23 March 2017 at 10:14:51 MDT

Part of the Sky Above Earth Below Oracle Deck I created in 2014. Mixed Media

Falcon (Striking, Speed)
Falcon dives with accuracy. Falcon has thin, tapered wings that allow it to fly at high speeds and change direction quickly. Using a 'tooth' on the side of its beak a falcon will kill with its beak rather than its talons; though talons may be used to grasp prey. At diving speeds of over 300km/hr (approx 200 mph) a peregrine falcon’s dive makes it the fastest animal on earth. With such velocity and accuracy falcon’s link to traits of speed and striking are easy to see. Falcons have excellent visual acuity, able to discern prey from great distances. The ability to know precisely when to strike, the falcon gained a reputation as possessing high mental agility. Falcon is patient, using precision and speed rather than brute force to accomplish its goals. Female falcons are larger than their male counterparts. Different cultures have seen falcon as both masculine and feminine. It was falcon’s grace and speed above all else that made it represent a quick and agile mind.

The Egyptian god Horus was often depicted as having the head of a falcon. Horus was the god of the sky, war, hunting, and was sometimes seen as the god of vengeance. The falcon was also linked to the Egyptian god Ra and was symbolic of the rising sun. In Nordic myth both Freyja and Frigga possessed feathered cloaks that would transform them into falcons. In many European cultures falcon is associated with war. Falcon may have been the basis for certain Thunderbird myths among some Native American tribes. As a deity of the Upper-World (Heaven) falcon resided with the spirits of sun, moon, and stars and could bring messages down to earth (some tribes may have seen this as hawk). As a sport falconry is still practiced, though not as widely as it was during the Middle Ages.

When falcon has dived into a reading it may pose questions about speed and accuracy in your life. Are you able to move with agility and grace? Do your thoughts and ideas come quickly and seem easy to strike? What are you diving towards? Falcon is associated with the element of air. The sun card may also provide further insight.

Astrology- (Native Mar 21- Apr 19) This Native American sign is indicative of a natural born leader. Those born under this sign have clear judgement in difficult situations. Persistent Falcon will take the initiative and is a great addition to any kind of team. Being overly vain and impatient can be a problem for falcon; their passion can occasionally get the better of them. Falcon is adventurous and likes to strike while the iron is hot, though this sometimes leads to pitfalls if they aren't careful. In relationships Falcon is passionate while always maintaining compassion and grace.

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Agility in All Aspects, Lightning Fast, Launch, Swoop In, Velocity

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