I'm a Furry Gamer OwO I love art, gaming, singing, travelling, music and socializing! I'm obsessed with Fnaf, if you couldn't already tell XD Also I love roleplay (wolf pack mostly, not really into NSFW rps... UwU). I love games that include multiplayer modes and my favorite type is anything that has to do with animals. I'm on a lot of games. WolfQuest, Animal Jam, Feral Heart, Dragon's Den, Last Moon, Okami No Tochi, Cereal Soup to name a few (I'm on a lot more, mostly Impressive Title servers and always looking for more) as well as IMVU and Second Life though I haven't played those in a while, but I'm planning to soon as I finally got a good gaming laptop. I sometimes play Minecraft, Call of Duty (DS since I don't have for PC), GTA, etc and I've recently joined Roblox and Fortnite though I haven't played yet. I'm always open to roleplays and game matches if you wanna play games with me. It doesn't have to be animal based XP My Discord tag is Jewel Fazbear#7863 if you wanna chat on there X3 I love making new friends too X3 I can be pretty much a hot head sometimes but as long as you don't get on my bad side, we're cool.
Anyways that's all I really gotta say for now. Oh also I tend to talk a lot sometimes lol. I also can be weird and crack a few jokes (sometimes dirty jokes depending on what we're talking about). I'm in a ton of different fandoms, my most active ones being FNAF, Furry, Gaming and I recently started trying to get into Anime though I'm not really that much into the shows but I really like the art and cosplay c: I also write stories sometimes. I'm not that much of a writer but it's a fun thing to do when I'm bored. I LOVE coming up with backstories for my characters, especially my main OC Jewel whose backstory also merges a little into Fnaf but still has enough stuff to keep you on the edge of your seat. There's a lot more you don't know about her behind that cute and cuddly face XP

I can't wait to meet you guys X3


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