SPS 2 by Jeto Calihan (critique requested)

SPS 2 (critique requested)

Jeto Calihan

15 May 2017 at 06:02:43 MDT

To start us off, our first guest is FA's TsumeRain's Nebt-Het. A lovely sphinxish taur gal. Now I've never actually painted skin before, so I gave myself 6 hours. Turns out I needed precisely six, but not so much for the skin. Twas the lips which sent me wild! Seriously, I was going to spend all six on saturday, but instead wasted almost an hour trying to make the lips look like actual lips and not the Joker working on new scaring techniques. So I called it, let my art brain rest for a while and got them fixed up right quick (for the most part). As for the rest I was mainly trying the speed, painting skin, and The transition point between fur and skin. Sadly the later suffered a bit because of the lip lost time, so I'll have to try something like that again.

Constructive criticism/critique is not only welcome but desired. Just comment below.

This was a good bit ago and unfortunately I've fallen out of it for a while now, but I am hoping to get back into it when I can. no promises for any time soon though with the search for a proper biology career in full swing. (though if you have an in to one in the states I'd love to hear that too! Note me on it!)

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