SPS 1 by Jeto Calihan (critique requested)

SPS 1 (critique requested)

Jeto Calihan

15 May 2017 at 05:56:08 MDT

Please critique! Constructive criticism and ideas would help tremendously!

So this is the first of a Speed Painting Series. Why you ask? Because my speed is one of if not my worst trait when it comes to artwork. And I've always been thinking to myself "you just need to practice and you'll get faster naturally" ... 5.5 years later and it's still an issue... And I know it's a mixture of things. My perfectionist attitude and lack of hard deadlines being a dastardly duo to rival Bonnie and Clyde. So now, as artistic preparation for future comics, I'm going to be doing one or two of these every free weekend I have. Most will probably be portraits (given 3 or so hours decided before starting), but there may be other sorts that will get a bit more time.And this is where I hope you guys can come in.

While I wanted to start with some one familiar I'll also have to branch out. So If you'd like a portrait (or maybe something else) of one of your characters, leave a comment with their info and references. I'll be picking primarily different archetypes, but otherwise it'll mostly be by whim. I'll definitely need examples of these sorts of characters: Scaled, feathered, skinned, skinned and feathered/furred/scaled.

As for this one the time was 3 hours 40 minutes.

This was a good bit ago and unfortunately I've fallen out of it for a while now, but I am hoping to get back into it when I can. no promises for any time soon though with the search for a proper biology career in full swing. (though if you have an in to one in the states I'd love to hear that too! Note me on it!)

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