Jeto AC badge 2016 by Jeto Calihan

Jeto AC badge 2016

Jeto Calihan

5 July 2016 at 05:05:25 MDT

So let me tell you all a story. The story of my Anthrocon curse.
The first time I went to Anthrocon was back in 2012. Five years ago as of a week or so from posting this. I was going to set up in the artist alley for all three days, get commissions to start rolling in, and quit my job at McDonalds the second I could afford it. Now since I wanted to build a good repertoire as a commission artist I knew I'd have to do everything I could. So I spent months in advance planning for the con. I not only drew myself a badge, but I drew a flip able badge, one for the male and herm forms of Je. But to save all I could for some con swag I didn't buy card-stock. I took old MTG cards and tokens and used a glue stick to make a platform, cut that to size and glued the images to that. Not only that but I made business cards, though I feel that turned out to be quite a waste on the whole.
So I get to the con and report for the artist alley. I get a few commissions one of which was also a badge, but the first day I had a shit ton of down time which I actually used to draw a power armor type badge for myself which has not yet seen the light of day since it's just pencils and has yet to fit a theme. Anyway, so it's saturday morning of my first convention ever and I've effectively made 4 badges. Pretty decent for a first timer if I dosay so myself....

THE ANTHROCON GODS WERE DISPLEASED WITH MY HUBRIS! And so I was cursed to never be able to finish a project of my own while at AC.

So then this year comes around and I'm not going to AC. I didn't have any money to get a room and by the time I had some it would have been too late for anyone to get off work to go. So whatever, no con, no need to worry. Then on the wednesday night before Anthrocon I get a message from my friend Trefold asking me if I want to go with him and his Girl to AC since their room mates canceled. I say "I can not afford a room nor the payment to park my car, but everything else I would be." And my friend says no problem then. We'll pick you up at noon on our way up.."

So having not planned to go at all, I get there and do what I do every year. Try and race against my badge curse. This was the third design I came up with (meaning I wasted a whole day on the other two) but I still finished it before saturday morning! The curse is lifted! Praise be to Great Giraffe!

In all honesty though I actually really like this one. I know I didn't get the spots in and the marker coloring job is a bit shit, but I like it's composition so I'll be giving it a bit of a digital tune up.
For now though I just want you guys to know that this weekend has re-invigorated me and given me a huge boost in confidence, so as of this friday I will be resuming sketch a week. And doubling down a week after that, so one sketch will be patreon only and the other will be on both sites. Eventually I hope to keep doing more though until I get those up to having something new every day for your guys! But that one is my swing for the fenses there,

Regardless that is for another time.

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