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Name's Jess, im a nonbinary fem in australia
I'm really disorganized, and I have aspergers syndrome, adhd, bipolar anxiety and depression (its not fun)

I like video games like Sonic, Pokemon, TF2, Dead Space, etc
I like my little pony, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Invader Zim and a bunch of other things

Cat Therian & Spacekin



Latest Journal

Guess who's back back back

Considering my main social media platform (tumblr) decided to literally neuter itself and turn into a laughing stock, I figured I should start posting here again. Because I actually kinda like it here! And I snagged a really cool username.

So, hey! I'm back!

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    What a fuckin nerd

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    Hullo i've seen some arts of your character on FA :P

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    weeeeee have the same name sorta
    but um hey thanks for watching!! uvu

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      no problemo!
      Jessica's unite (⌐■_■) heck ye