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Modest Goals by Jeschke

Modest Goals


Who doesn't occasionally daydream about eating an entire crew one by one out of an impossibly-large-and-impenetrable sack and ending up all huge and round out on the open deck just in time for sunbathing?

......Well, normal captains, probably.

To be fair, it's not like Marianne would do that to her own crew. She'd get caught pretty quickly if she tried that. And she can't really go doing that to another crew because it's better for her to not be immobile for however long it takes for them all to stop wiggling and digest. Unless there's just that many extra people aboard another ship that all need to get disposed of right quick.

But she can still daydream, yeah? And drool.

Art commissioned from sweatpants


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    Is there really a better goal than "Eat everyone and everything"?

    No. No there isn't.