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Way Too Many Burp Sounds by Jeschke

Way Too Many Burp Sounds

Way Too Many Burp Sounds


23 May 2016 at 12:13:50 MDT

Download here

Alright, well. For some reason I took 16 belches of mine and did them dry, then did them with reverb, then did them from the inside. And then did them with reverb. And then I went "Alright now let's do that same thing with two variations on pitch/duration". And then a few extra ones? And then a few extra belches and some edits to belches already out there because yeah.

So basically this pack has got 286 different burp sounds (making about a 75 megabyte .zip download). For the preview file I went through the 16 variations and grabbed a belch out of each one, so the misc. stuff isn't in there, but yeah it should give you an idea of how much is in there. Cause there's a lot.

Also it took forever to separate them all and I don't know why I made so many sheeeeeez

(as with other packs, you're free to use whatever from here if you'd like, attribution would be cool though it's not necessary; though if it's for a commercial thing then probably should talk to me about it because yeah)

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