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3 Hours Later.. (External Version) by Jeschke

3 Hours Later.. (External Version)

3 Hours Later.. (External Version)


31 August 2015 at 21:08:55 MDT

Maybe you're in the same room as Mintmonkey Mintmonkey, chilling out beside him while his stomach gently twitches from the weak movements of the subdued, exhausted prey. Maybe you're not chilling out, you're tied up because as soon as the prey inside there is mush, you're going to be next in line to fill out that gut, even though you'd essentially be bathing in a thick chyme that has to filter its way out of the stomach before more acids can refresh the digestive cycle. Not that Mint minds, he'll have a sloshy stomach.

Or maybe you're a predator yourself, with your full, burbling stomach sitting in your lap, pressing against your thighs when it twitches, little bulges pressing out of your ballooned, taut gut as the prey tries to work up the strength to squirm again. The glutton you are, this had been your fourth meal in a 2-hour span, but with the chyme getting consecutively suffused with gunk to be digested, this last prey was taking a while to digest. Not that you mind having a nice heavy gut for hours on end, it's like a heated pillow sagged in your lap, and the stretched skin made your stomach all the more sensitive to touch, so it felt great to pat it. The loud noises of your gut processing all that food might get a little annoying after a while, but for right now, you didn't mind it as much.

Either way, yeah, today I couldn't resist taking the interior POV that Ethicist commissioned, and switching it around to being an external, where you're either the pred or pretty close to the pred, or whatever circumstance you'd like to think about! Can't help it, it was too much fun. x3 Hope it sounds alright!

As with the interior version, the monkey pred in question that's featured in this (as well as his belches!) is mintmonkey mintmonkey, and the art for the thumbnail was taken from this picture by naughtyimp!

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