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3 Hours Later.. (Commission for Ethicist) by Jeschke

3 Hours Later.. (Commission for Ethicist)

3 Hours Later.. (Commission for Ethicist)


31 August 2015 at 21:05:48 MDT

Three hours. Three hours you'd been trapped in this mint-colored monkey's stomach. You'd thought maybe you'd have digested by this point, churned into mush to feed him. You'd thought maybe he'd get tired of lugging you around at some point and let you out. But no. Three hours inside his stomach, and there was no change in your predicament.

At this point, you were more than exhausted. You'd strained your muscles for ages, stretching out his stomach with desperate attempts to slip back up his throat. You'd thrashed around every time he'd take a drink or swallow down a little snack and it'd splat warmly atop your head. You'd pleaded for release as the heat inside his body made your head spin. But at this point, you couldn't bring yourself to move a single bit. You knew you were slowly digesting, breaking down inside the pool of chyme you were already adding to. Everything was warm and wet and you couldn't tell the difference between the stomach walls around you and the thick liquids you were in because you couldn't bring yourself to simply reach out and feel for where the liquid stopped and the flesh began. You simply breathed what little air you think you had, partially asleep and partially digested.

Every so often, the monkey gives his stomach a pat or two, thumping the top of your head or right in front of you. Either he was trying to get you to squirm, a lost prospect at this point, or he was simply enjoying the sloshing of his full stomach. It was one of the only reminders you had at this point that there was a world outside of this rounded stomach you were filling, and a predator who'd eaten you alive. Not that the thought made you want to move any more than you currently did, which was not at all. All you could do was listen and wait for the darkness around you to get into your mind and commit you completely to the monkey's belly...

Welp! First commission off the docket, a looping stomach perspective for Ethicist, featuring mintmonkey mintmonkey's stomach at a much later stage of digestion than the first arrival. This one kind of turned into a bit of feature creep as I got adding more than just the interior walls and the gurgly noises and then it sort of became something cool? I think it turned out well, at least. If nothing else, I did it first to get a bit of practice and warmup for other upcoming commissions!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the start of hopefully a bunch of uploads in the near future. :3 Headphones are recommended, as always. This is loopable as well, if you didn't get that from the description! And one last fact, if you have any doubts that this is Mint's stomach you're in, it's worth noting that the belches in there are actually him. :3 Can't get much better than that!

Oh, and the art in the thumbnail was cropped from this picture made by naughtyimp. Which is a different picture than the other two submissions with Mint in them, for once. <.<

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