Savanna Ambush by Jeschke

Savanna Ambush

Savanna Ambush


31 August 2015 at 19:49:03 MDT

I wanted to try out doing a POV clip like thenugget has put out, tried out a few things, so close your eyes and turn up the volume and lemme know what you think. :3

0:00 - It's another hot, dry day out on the savanna, not much to do but wander. You've heard of some disappearances in the area, lately, but so far you haven't found any evidence as to who, or what, the culprit is, or what happened to those who disappeared, for that matter..
0:17 - Your thoughts are interrupted as another creature suddenly makes itself known. A large lion, having silently stalked you for some time, slowly approaches you, a low growl building in its throat. You freeze in place, then slowly back away as it closes the distance between you, eyes locked with yours..
0:31 - Instead of disemboweling you then and there, the lion's mouth stretches open and comes down around your head, the beast's tongue stroking over your cheek and across your face. He seems content with your taste, a low purring of contentment vibrating in your ears.
0:42 - There's a dull rush of wet muscles around your head as the lion gently swallows, and though you try to pull yourself back, the feline's jaws are too strong to separate from that angle. Seems that he either likes your taste or your inability to free yourself. Each gulp pulls more of your body down the lion's gullet, and soon your arms are pinned at your sides, jaws crawling up around your hips and legs. You must be just about at the lion's gut, given the stench of digestion building up in front of you..
1:01 - One last gulp, and your body slithers down into the stomach all at once, dunked into a warm pool of liquids that readily soaks into your clothes and skin. The air is breathable, but choked with moisture and the acrid smells of past meals. Luckily, your body is loosely curled up in such a way that your head isn't submerged under the warm liquids. You can feel the belly sagging down underneath your weight, and try to move around to search for a way out, but the stomach walls aren't giving you much slack. All you really manage to do is splash around a bit.
1:18 - Your world is turned on its side as the lion sprawls out, apparently ready to relax after engorging itself on you. You can hear a steady purring build up around you while the big feline enjoys the weight of a full-sized meal in its belly. The belly seems to have tightened in as well, not allowing for much movement on your end. The stomach walls gently churn around you, squishing over you in muscular waves and kneading the digestive stew into your submerged body. Thankfully, you can at still breath, but the air is a silver lining on a stuffed predator's stomach, a bright point in a very very dark stomach. You try not to think about how loose your clothes are starting to feel, with chunks of them melting into the slop around you. When you try to shift in the little room you have, the lion's stomach pushes you back into place, fully intent on digesting you.
2:13 - After a time, the air seems to be getting hotter....thinner. While it would be nice if you could survive until someone found you, it didn't seem like you'd be conscious for much longer. Maybe it was a good thing, after all, you wouldn't want to know what happens to you once your clothes are all gone. You slowly nod off, the gurgling and purring around you slowly fading away. Maybe someone would notice the tight bulge in the lion's belly as he relaxes in the open sunlight, and find some way to help you...though given how far you went off the path, that isn't very likely. You try to hold onto consciousness, but all the sounds and feelings around you are fading away..

You're chalked up as another disappearance, another person lost to the wilderness. Whether or not you find your way out of the lion's belly is unknown, but if nothing else, you made one big cat very full, and very happy.

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