Inside The Rumbly Gut by Jeschke

Inside The Rumbly Gut

Inside The Rumbly Gut


31 August 2015 at 19:45:44 MDT

For better or for worse, you've gotten yourself into the same belly you were listening to not too long ago. It's much less spacious and much more wet on the inside, and the squishy walls keep your body curled up with insistent inward-pushing motions. Still, it's not as though you're cramped, you just can't move around too much. A warm pool of stomach acids has already gathered around you, and the stomach walls gently stir up the digestive slurry as they rub and churn around your body. If you listen carefully, you can hear a muffled heartbeat and deep breathing above you, but given your position, the thick grumbles of the belly take precedence. Each groan and sickening sloshing noise rumbles in your ears, reminding you of how hungry the belly was, and how eager it was to claim you, break you down.. You're not sure how long you've been in the belly, and your body is starting to tingle where it's been basting in the digestive juices, but it's not really painful, per say, just tingly. Eventually, the moist air choking the spare space around you will run out, and you'll just slip off to sleep, lulled to rest by the digestive symphony around you..

Yeah so I did an inside version of the last clip. Cause it's hot.

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