The Big Bad Squirrel by Jeschke

The Big Bad Squirrel


23 July 2015 at 16:31:44 MDT

It's probably not the most original thing to play Big Bad Wolf, but sometimes you just can't resist, you know? You get so hungry and drooly and find yourself seeking out girls in long red capes and before you know it you've got a little bulge in your gut and a long piece of fabric sticking outside of your mouth... Don't worry, a woodsman's not going to get anywhere near them, really. Or even be able to hear her, from up in the trees and inside a belly like that. Maybe when her cape gets belched up, later, but by then it'll be too late.

Really, the story would have been so much shorter if the wolf just -ate- the girl instead of trying to be tricky. Or greedy. Those are both things squirrels are way better at.

Anyway. I saw a thing   stabbingwithteeth was doing, drawings of a predator and a whole background, and thought it'd be fun to have a meaner, bigger squirrel polishing off some hapless young basket-carrier. I'd recommend checking them out, as it is, because this piece turned out pretty well!

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