Squirreltaur Stuffing (made by Jeri) by Jeschke

Squirreltaur Stuffing (made by Jeri)


23 July 2015 at 16:01:43 MDT

"Well, being a taur, it's really not very different from being anyone else, most of the time." the squirreltaur explained. "I mean, I have a job, I pay my bills, I ride in public transportation...well, sort of.." The studio audience chuckles at that.

"But for the most part, you just breath, sleep, and eat like any anthro creature out there, right?" the host cut in, earning him a nod from the large taur.

"Yep, pretty much!" The taur grins, showing off his buckteeth, then shifts as a thought comes to him, making the large interviewing chair under his haunches creak about in pain. "Though when we taurs eat, we really eat, let me tell you.."

Another great sketchmmission from   jeri, this time of Jit being taurish and gluttonous. Or maybe this is just standard fare for him. Either way, seems like he's gonna be nice and full for a little while..

Lucky snacks:
Glis Glis, Jeri's edible dormouse character
I want to say that that's Jag going down.. Silly jaguar, stop stuffing yourself into squirrels!
Undetermined bulge #1
Undetermined bulge #2
And perhaps you. :3

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