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Jen Foxworth the Foxbeast


8 December 2015 at 16:54:48 MST

Edit: Made some changes and it didn't want to let me replace the submission file so had to reupload it. Woo. XD

Well I finally got it done. Through the years I've had issues figuring out my sona with everything that's been going on, but I think I've finally got it down. I've had this for a while and it feels right. I have removed I think all the previous descriptions that were written regarding race, because they are now outdated and no longer apply.

Name: Jen Foxworth

Race: Foxbeast alien, but basically a cross between a raptor and a fox

Special characteristics of race: Skull extensions that contain 2 extra brains that are connected to the main head. A cross between raptor and fox feet and hand paws. Typically, they are born about the size of a regular fox cub, and only grow to the size of a red fox as a full adult.

Special characteristics of Jen:
While she is a foxbeast, she is also what some would call a changeling, or a morpher. She is a half breed with Gemahouran blood of some sort in her, and this is what gives her that. Because of this, she can change into just about any race she wishes, with some effort and study involved usually, but only as a form of herself. She is an outcast to that race, but is accepted by her foxbeast race. She also has a sister he is a half breed similar to her, with the same powers. She resides on her home planet of Geothin, making her home in the cavernous sewers that are populated by the residents that detest the sunlight. Her backpack she doesn't carry it ALL the time, but usually has an air mask on it, which serves for several purposes, but mostly because of toxic gases that are in some areas there. The sewers are dark, but filled with technology, and as stated is populated. Because of her transformation ability, she also has a condition she shares with her sister, when exposed to radiation, she turns into a 8 foot monster of a foxbeast, with a large change in temperment towards a more angry side. (note: she cannot change her sex, she is always female)

History: While she lived in the world of the foxbeast, something happened in which she suffered amnesia. She remembers to a point who people from her past are, but not everyone. She remembers bits a pieces of events, but not everything. At one point she wonders if she did something to the Gemahouran because they seem to have something against her and claim she did things that she doesn't believe she would ever do. However because she can't remember her entire past she cannot make claims to such, so she stays with the foxbeast. Her collar has the symbol of her previous master on it, though he is also a gemahouran that she has fled. It still has sentimental value however and means a lot to her so she keeps it, in hopes things will change one day. On her planet she stays in one of the cafe's in the sewer, which are popular for the scent of their concoctions deter the odor of the sewer.

Attitude: While she's quiet and scared of nearly everything, she does have a sense of adventure, and will come above ground to sneak aboard ships that are making deliveries so she can go on trips in space. Occasionally she uses this to make deliveries for people to different planets as a side job. While she is smart, she can be a bit dense when it comes to emotions sometimes, and gets extremely confused easily. Despite this, she does have morals that she follows, and will always try to help someone if they need it and do favors, even though she usually gets confused or in trouble in the process.

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