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Surprise Visit Cover by Jenessa_Reika

Surprise Visit Cover


Hey there my fellow fuzzy's! :9

After talking things over with my husband I have changed my patreon page into a fanart,
original artwork, button designs, content for all ages, and other such things that I create
sort of patreon page. I am planning on attending as many conventions, fairs, and expo's
as I can to promote and sell my artwork. Sadly doing this means I am too busy to make
a commitment to post the comic pages regularly.

What about the comic?
Sadly, as my "Surprise Vist" comic is rated 18+ I will no longer be posting pages there.
Instead they will be posted up on furaffinity where they will be available for public viewing.
(I will rate pages accordingly as I post them up)

The reasoning behind all this is because I'm not getting the support that I really need to
be able to push out pages once a month. And with it not bringing in enough cash as I had
hoped for, I moved to doing something I think will. For those wondering about the comic
and me completing it, I will try my best if I have spare time. But odds are I won't have much :/

~<3 Reika / / Jenessa

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