.Your feelings. by (Jeka)

.Your feelings.


28 December 2019 at 16:57:01 MST

Meet - my new character!^-^ Who is he - I do not know: what is his name? Is it a dog, or a wolf, or a fox? Or a wolfdog or a foxdog... I don’t even know his gender! It is he\she?( Where does he come from, what is he?... All this is a secret for me. This character just appeared with me, that’s all.. He seemed to come to me at the time of need. He came and sat down firmly in my head. When I first introduced him, I was surprised to see his coloring and colors - his coloring merges with my imagination0.0 But what surprised me most was his strange anatomy: he has a very long tail(just like Slava0.0), long neck and curved funny ears)) He came to me in October this year, as indicated in the drawing, exactly when I had a turning point the moment in life.. And only now I can upload it-_-
He tells me a little about himself. Only in the following drawings I will try to tell more about him:3 So far, I recognize this character..
(and ooh, I just terribly drew anatomy here!!!)
Drawn to the music of Strapping Young Lad-Love?, Skeksis.

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