2004: Bowso Sulk by jechoes90

2004: Bowso Sulk


10 January 2020 at 06:32:16 MST

I've come to an even fiercer revelation: I did not play Final Fantasy X until 2004, so everything up to this point has been from this year. I mean, I've been watching Pokemon since I was 12, but I know for a fact that I never knew about Moombas until I was 14. So the dates are off. Damn, do I ever wish I wrote the frickin' dates on these things back then.

As best as I can figure out, the timeline is this:

2001 - Gel pen paper action figures, earthbound, mario, mickey mouse and such
2002 - Tracing paper action figures and comics
2003 - Continued tracing paper, art lessons on stuff I found boring, and transition to anime
2004 - Anime style
2005 - refined anime, super smash bros
2006 - start to do tiny toons
2007-11 still tt, try to copy disney
2008-10 move to digital art temporarily (before I have a pen tablet)
2012 - learn to draw with whole arm
2013-15 concentrate more on writing
2016 - Join the furry fandom, and the rest.

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