First 7 Iterations: The Snowflake Method by jechoes90

First 7 Iterations: The Snowflake Method


14 February 2018 at 18:47:52 MST

I’ve been trying to use the “snowflake” method of writing. It’s been exciting, although it does take a while.

What I have here is the first seven iterations of a non-canon installment in An Arizona Fairy Tail. I say non-canon because the story is divided into five arcs (or seasons, as I envision it as a cartoon series but in book form), each of which is divided into twenty chapters (episodes). The purpose of this particular episode is to give me practice writing these characters.

All you really need to know about this series, in case you haven’t read my previous AZFT submissions (or maybe you have, I can’t remember what I wrote in them) is that it takes place in a universe where aliens (neoimmigrant, or neog for short) migrate between planets, but are indistinguishable from dumb animals on whatever planet they occupy, so any cockroach-like alien would look like an Earthan cockroach (duh) and endure all the perks and suffering that would entail.

I got through 10 of these iterations. I intend to complete the story, just as soon as I get some other stuff out of the way.

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    Dammit, forgot to mention in ALL of my postings that I change Lou's name to Degravis (or Deg) halfway-through. >:(