Fan Friction by jechoes90

Fan Friction


14 February 2018 at 18:41:17 MST

I wrote this in 2008 while bedridden with an injured leg. I posted it here because I’ll be referring to it in the following documents, which are literary analyses of this deliberately poorly piece of fiction.

See, while I’ve been idle in my gallery, I’ve been studying literary structure and dissecting this work of fiction. I want to show how even the shittiest of writing has an internal design, although, fair warning, I’m only going to study as far as I need to convince myself, so many of these formal analyses - which I refer to as EAST thinking – will be incomplete.

EAST thinking, by the way, comes from Diane Turner and Thelma Greco’s Personality Compass, which I highly recommend. I’ll be referring to it every now and then.

This form of analysis is based on Jack M. Bickham’s “Scene and Structure.” He doesn’t use causality charts. I came up with this myself. It might be worth noting here that I do not start out with a causality chart, I just use that as a way of X-raying the story for its internal design.

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