An Arizona Fairy Tail: Prologue, Draft 1 by jechoes90 (critique requested)

An Arizona Fairy Tail: Prologue, Draft 1 (critique requested)


3 December 2017 at 12:17:11 MST

Several months ago, I said that I gave up on An Arizona Fairy Tail and that if I ever picked it up again, I would only write it as vignettes.

What's changed since then? I got prescribed zoloft and I now have a part-time job. I now no longer have to concentrate on the commercial aspect of my work. I've decided to upload the drafting process; the file here is not a refined project. I'm uploading so that I can get some feedback and criticism in the process. I'm also trying to cultivate a little more personal motivation for myself.

I know that these drafts are pretty convoluted. I didn't put any dialogue tags and probably didn't finish some of my sentences. What I'm trying to improve in my writing now is character development and story believability. Clarity has always been a struggle for me, so if you guys can let me know what I need to clear up, that would be especially helpful. In the meantime, I'll continue to revise and write while I upload, stories as well as art.


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    Sounds like you've got quite a system figured out, and in advance, no less. It's certainly unlike any story I've read before.

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      Thank you! An actual draft is in the works, which I hope will be up by the end of the month, along with a few character illustrations.

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        Sounds like a plan!