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Foodtaur Adopts Auction [OPEN] by JeanaWei

Foodtaur Adopts Auction [OPEN]


22 April 2014 at 17:58:29 MDT

EDIT3:// Auction Ended, Rest Are Set Price~
EDIT2:// End Date Added~
EDIT:// AB Price Added~

My second batch of taur adopts, I had so much fun with these~ Has the first and third completed rather quickly, but the palette for the second took me awhile, which was why this got procrastinated so much haha~ O//v//O

Adopt Info

Owner: $9 by MichiTheThird

Devil Cake
Owner: $9 OPEN

Angel Cake
Owner: $9 by Luciferific @ dA


  • USD through paypal only, please pay within 48 hrs
  • No reselling, trading/gifting is fine, but please notify me
  • Once bought, you can change any detail you'd like, unwatermarked separate image will be sent


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    Reply to this comment to bid for Angel Cake:

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      SB by Luciferific @ dA