Derpy commission sheet 2020 by Jeamesero

Derpy commission sheet 2020


20 July 2020 at 07:38:12 MDT

Commissions are OPEN!


If something isn't listed in this sheet, or you're uncertain about certain things, feel free to note me with questions, and I will be happy to discuss and/or clarify!

It’s very much adviced you read my TOS before commissioning me.
For information and my Terms Of Service, please look on either my DA page, or go to the link below.


Send a note/private message to me with the information below:
Character reference:
Type of background (transparent/one-colored background):
Anything else:

IMPORTANT: Note that point prices are in dollars, and I work with euros. Therefor, the point prices are higher compared to the money prices, per item.
1 EUR = 1.12918 USD
I prefer working with actual money through PayPal!

Do not copy or trace my work.
Do not reupload or claim my work as your own.
Do not remove or edit my copyright sign.
Only the requesters of the art/owners of the character are allowed to use this work.