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Humanoid commission sheet 2020 by Jeamesero

Humanoid commission sheet 2020


9 June 2020 at 04:24:42 MDT

Commissions are OPEN!


My commission sheet is updated again! Examples have been updated, as well as the prices.
The size was too big so had to resize the image, which kind of messed up the quality... but you can find examples of my work in my gallery (both on here and on Deviantart at Jeamesero)!

If something isn't listed in this sheet, or you're uncertain about certain things, feel free to note me with questions, and I will be happy to discuss and/or clarify!

It’s very much adviced you read my TOS before commissioning me.
For information and my Terms Of Service, please look on either my DA page, or go to the link below.


Send a note/private message to me with the information below:
Commission option (from 1 to 6, numbers displayed on sheet):
Commission type (bust, half body or full body):
Character reference(s):
Type of background (transparent/colored/blurred/simple/detailed):
Anything else (expression, pose, etc.):

– The more detailed your sheet, the better I know what to work with and of course the more accurate my work will be.
– Of course I will keep you up to date with sketches and WIPs to make sure the artwork is as accurate as you imagined it!

  • Transparent background or colored background is without charge.
    ---- Examples of such backgrounds >1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

  • Blurred background adds +€1.
    ---- Examples of such backgrounds >1, 2, 3, 4

  • Simple background adds +€2.

  • Detailed background adds +€4.
    ---- Examples of such backgrounds >1

  • Every extra character adds +€2 per character added (maximum of 4 characters in one drawing).
    ---- Animals and/or pets are counted as characters.

  • Extras like items or weapons adds +€0,50 per item.

IMPORTANT: Note (for DeviantArt users) that point prices are in dollars, and I work with euros. Therefor, the point prices are higher compared to the money prices, per item.
1 EUR = 1.12918 USD
I prefer working with actual money through PayPal!

Do not copy or trace my work.
Do not reupload or claim my work as your own.
Do not remove or edit my copyright sign.
Only the requesters of the art/owners of the character are allowed to use this work.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital