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"You're Safe Now" by Jaywoo

"You're Safe Now"


2 May 2015 at 17:14:31 MDT

Please note: I will report any comments as inappropriate if made along the lines of "cub" or whatever.

"Done as a tribute piece to how I feel so much of the time. I went through a childhood ordeal and a lot of times I simply felt like I was in danger. Now, occasionally I'll have panic attacks where it's as if I can't trust anyone. But a "grounding" thought I've discovered in the last few weeks is to imagine my younger self being picked up and taken away by my older self from the bad situations. Not caring about perpetrators of bad things but more giving myself some attention and protection I longed for.

I'd make a whole book if I got started, but let it be known that sexual abuse is more common than people may know-- somewhere around 1/4 females and 1/6 males in the US were sexually abused before the age of 18 and have reported these findings to law officials or therapists. It's a bigger problem than you'd think, but the victims are never alone.

Please, if you need to talk to someone about this stuff, come to me. I'll be honest and say I've not figured everything out, but I know more than I did and I want to help others that went through what I've been through."

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