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Juspuh1 Commission 17 by JayManney4Life (critique requested)

Juspuh1 Commission 17 (critique requested)


Been a while since I did a commission for my pal Jasper (, yet another one based on characters from the popular furry web comic, Sabrina Online ( This time, we find Amy, her husband Thomas, and even their baby boy Timmy all padded up, each with varying looks of WTF on their faces, though Timmy understandably looks completely 'Meh' about the whole thing, seeing as it's perfectly normal for him. :P

I actually had some fun with this one, and tried to mimic the toony style of Eric W. Schwartz as much as possible. Hope you guys all enjoy this! :D

(Also, just because I felt like it, here's a colored version:

All characters © Eric W. Schwartz ( unless otherwise specified (I think Thomas used to belong to someone else, but hard to say)
pic, as always © CalineProductions / JayManney4Life