Sketch Commission: Silly Rabbit by JayManney4Life

Sketch Commission: Silly Rabbit


10 March 2018 at 20:48:10 MST

Another sketch commission for Artie Canvas ( ), and a follow up to a previous pic I did for them:

Bani managed to successfully zap Sailors Uranus and Neptune down to adorable tots, but failed to take into account what happens when regression magic hits a reflective surface like a hand mirror. :P At least she'll have plenty of time to practice her magic tricks, and even has a captive audience, to boot! XD

Sailor Moon. Sailor Uranus, Haruka Tenoh, Sailor Neptune, Michiru Kaioh © Naoko Takeuchi and friends
Bani © Artie Canvas ( )
pic, as always © JayManney4Life ( ) / CalineProductions ( )