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Hi there!
I'm Jaxen. I'm a beaver. I do art things. Sometimes I do art things for money! If you're interested in commissioning me, by all means, let me know! I do all sorts of different types of art, both SFW and NSFW.

Here are a few things I won't do, however:

  • Scat / Watersports
  • Gore
  • NSFW of underage characters
  • Highly mechanized characters or objects (e.g., Transformers)
  • Other subject matter which is by my discretion; I reserve the right to say "sorry, I can't/won't draw that".

If you'd like a commission, here's what we'll need to do:
1. YOU: Go to and pick out the type of commission you'd like. Click "Request Project" and fill out all the information. Please provide as many details as possible!
2. ME: I review your request, discuss the details with you, and put you in my commission queue.
3. YOU: Payment is in full, up front. You may get a full refund prior to the "sketch phase" (see below) being complete.
4. ME: Once I receive payment, I'll create a sketch of the layout and basics of the picture, and send it to you for review.
5. YOU/ME: You let me know if you want anything changed, and I'll keep making sketch proofs until you're happy with it.
6. YOU: Approve the sketch once you're satisfied with how it looks. Once I get your approval of the sketch, the purchase is considered final and non-refundable.
7. ME: ART IS GO. I will work on the final piece until it's complete.
8. ME: Once it's complete, I'll send you the full-resolution PNG file via, and post the piece on Weasyl (SFW only).
If you don't want your piece posted publicly, just let me know, and I'll only email it to you, and not post it anywhere else.


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Commissions Open: Trying out to streamline things

Hiyo~ I'm taking commissions, and am trying out something new to make this process a whole lot easier. No more dealing with the restrictions and lack of buyer and seller protection of PayPal.

I'm using to organize my queue, give all information about my types of commissions, show clear examples, and allow you to purchase a particular type of commission straight from the site. No need for an account or anything. And they use Stripe for payment processing, so they have all the flexibility and security that affords.

So! Buy a piece! Try it out! Please? :D

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    Heya! Finally im getting back up on Weasly

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      Yay! It's the only site I'll use now. IB is in a legally grey area w/ some of the art they permit, FN is super cluttery, and FA is...well...FA.

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    It was awesome meeting ya at Anthrocon!!!

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    Thanks a bunch for following!

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      You betcha. :B

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    Thanks for the fave! And hey, why not check out my dA page? I'm more active there ^^

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      I think I might still have a dA account. A dead one, but it's still there... Maybe I should actually use it again. :P

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        Sure, why not ^^ Nothing's stopping you :3