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Put this on your page if you role-play


First off, I am a GUY! Yes, I know a lot of the characters I have in my gallery are female but that's mostly because a lot of my male characters don't have references for me to use for commissions. Something I plan to resolve that eventually.

I am a writer and role player. I thoroughly enjoy writing primarily fantasy and sci-fi but I am always happy to have a new challenge. As for role playing, I role play pretty much anything from school/life to action/adventure. I am also willing to role play general to adult themes. If you're interested in role playing with me, just note me here. I primarily roleplay through notes or emails but if you want to use a different medium, just ask.

And finally, I'm not an artist so any art I post on here is either gifted, or commissioned. I love comments on my characters but please visit the artist's site as well. It's because of their talent that my characters come to life so they deserve credit for their wonderful work.

----------Character Rules ----------

You can find my character list HERE

You are welcome to use characters for your own art projects if you'd like. I only ask that you stay within my limitations and give credit where credit is due.

I will not allow my characters to be depicted in any of the following:

-Cub art of a mature/adult nature
-Rape/non-consenting situations

Anything outside of this list is fine with me. If you are not sure if I will approve of what you're working on, please note me and we can discuss. I'm open to a lot of things and I don't bite so don't hesitate to ask me if you have questions.

In regards to my fursonas Drew & Kira, no adult of mature art at all without talking to me first. Both of them are very personal to me so I prefer to be approached before any adult art is done of them. Again, I'm pretty open to everything, just want a say in regard to these two.

----------Art/Writing Status----------

Personal Written Works
Projects: ON HOLD
Commissions: Closed
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed

Commission Works Waiting On
Drew in rule 34 commission w/ Krystal Fox by by bakedgewds - Paid
Cherry in Ymmy Loli YCH by DesirablePleasures - Paid
Leilah ref sheet by lunarwolfie - Paid WiP Approved
Bethanie in comic YCH by by RazzyGlider - Paid Purple
Reina, CC, and Nanami XXX pin-ups by Nukafoxy3 - Paid
Jamie adult film audition pic featuring foxmorph2001's Connie by rachverity - Paid
Link pin-up by LakraFarrunner -Paid
Nanami in 3 person YCH by nekogirl1257 - Paid Slot 2
13 Pic Rule 34 project by m0ar - 13/13 paid
3 Bonus Rue 34 pics by UBA - 1/3 Paid
Link featured in Midsummer Chase Fertility Rite by M-ree (Slot 3) - Paid - (ON HOLD pending user internet restore) + 2 free token given


Confirmed Requests

Reserved Future commissions

Users that I owe art opportunities to

Current Auctions and Raffles

Other unlisted accounts



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Mei5683 is offering a few freebies. They do fantastic work so go check them out and snag one if you can! ^^

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