Welcome stranger! by jaugur

Welcome stranger!


16 July 2016 at 16:27:26 MDT

Johnny and his friends had arrived to an unknown place. As they left their spacecraft, they had no clue whatsoever on what to expect. It seemed familiar, but appeareances could be deceiving. Monsters could jump from nowhere, and eat them in a matter of seconds, so the feeling was rather tense. So, the crew traversed the fields for a few hours until they arrived to a small village. A place where time had stopped for some reason. Houses were made of stone and hay, giving them a medieval look. They were completely sure they didn't travel back in time, so the explanation had to be somewhere else.
As they entered the town, an old man greeted them with his face gleaming in surprise. "Hello strangers! You're very welcome to our hometown! Come in!" The voyagers were puzzled and quite reluctant to comply at first, but having traveled for a long time now, they accepted. "Great! We shall celebrate your arrival with a great feast in your honor, our gods!"
The crew was astonished, but they didn't try to correct the people. They were quite bombastic and didn't give them time to explain, and quickly prepared a full roasted pork and poured glasses of mead to the strangers. It would be rude to reject them by now.
They chatted and munched the delicious meat, as some curious villagers approached the so-called gods and casually got to know better their guests. On the other hand Johnny's friends were figuring out where they were at, without being too obvious. The villagers could get suspicious and they didn't want enemies so soon.
Johnny didn't speak during the meal. He felt unconfortable, and just drank mead and ate some vegetables. The old man, the "chief" of the village, approached him, just as he did with his other friends, and asked him. "So... I'm not really sure what you are, but wouldn't you like some company?"
"Eh... I... guess" He answered shyly, not giving a lot of thought to his words.
"Good!" the old man exclaimed in happiness. "A nice animal girl, probably?"
Johnny shrugged. "Sure, why not." The chief rapidly left. Johnny dismissed him, as he was almost sure he wasn't being serious about the subject.
A few minutes later, the chief came back, with a beautiful jaguaress by his side. Johnny's jaw almost dropped at her sight. She giggled and took Johnny's hand.
"You're a lucky guy" said the chief. "She is Lori, and she's a druid." He then looked for something in his pocket and took a big key. "And here's the key for your bedroom. Have fun you two!"
Johnny's mind was hazy. He was blushing, and felt weird. He had never felt this before. As the girl guided him towards their room, he looked at her. Her body was gorgeus, and her face was beautiful. He started having some thoughts he rarely had.
She turned her head back, and giggled again. "You're such a cutie for a god" the girl said.
Johnny blushed a lot. "I'm not a god, I'm Johnny."
The female smiled again. "I'm sure we'll have a good time, sweetie." They were running to their room, but it felt like gliding in the air, with their feet not touching the ground. His mind was completely focused on her. Everything else was a blur.
As they arrived to the door, Johnny had some trouble with the key. Lori helped him out and finally opened the door.
"Calm down, Johnny." She whispered softly on his ear and giggled. "I'll assure you it will be simpler to put your key into my lock."
Johnny nodded. He was in some sort of blissful state, one where he didn't want to get out of.

The story on how Johnny and Lori met. I like clean cute stuff too. Maybe not so clean in thought, but you get the point.

Pic made by EthanQix.

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