Quick Everyone! Get A Shot Of Them! They're Going At It Again! by JasonWerefox

Quick Everyone! Get A Shot Of Them! They're Going At It Again!


7 May 2015 at 15:27:00 MDT

Artwork made by fcsimba and gift art to WereFox on FA.

God what a night that was, and it's one that I'll never forget. I guess I'll start from the beginning from how all of this has been brought about since you'll get a very good laugh out of it, I know I have and countless others. It started just recently after when I have been politically appointed and elected to become the Police Commissioner of the city from where I work. It was due to the recognition to my devotion to the Police Force that my face and my name has been on every television and newspaper throughout the city. I've gained the respect of my fellow officers and to the people of the city that I've worked with over the years. After finishing my speech in front of the press, I made my way back to the District to where I work where I was greeted by everyone inside, including my predecessor, who is retiring, congratulated me and have ensured that everything was going to run alot better under my new position. This is true as I have strong intentions of making the Police District very strong and ensuring that the city would be safe from anything that's wrongdoing, but at the same time what no one except me and the other members on the force is that this also ensures our protection that we would not be hunted down. It also opens of secretly destroying evidence of any involvement and incidents. Even those working in forensics are my pack members and other members of different packs and have others in higher positions in the city to ensure that were kept safe. It brings a sense of security and assurance needed to keep our lives in tact while maintaining the balance of control that we have while living our double lives.

When I just sat down in front of my desk to finish up a case being resolved to be sent to the criminal court, my cellphone had vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out to see who was calling me and it was my half-brother and long time best friend Werefox. I smiled and flipped the phone to speak into it.

"Werefox, I had a feeling you were gonna call me. Did you see the news?" I smiled while talking on my cell. Its always been a pleasure to speak to him since we've known each other since our first encounter years ago. We've hunted and went through alot of things together that it almost felt like it had been yesterday.

"Yeah I saw the news, Congratulations! Now that your the Commissioner, things should are going to be much better for us and our other connections."

"Yes, were guaranteed so as long as we keep things under control and make sure everything stays intact."

"Yeah, its nice to ensure that our night time activities will be kept away from public eyes. But I'm calling you for something else."

"What is it?"

"I have something for you but I have to give it you alone. Meet me inside the Cocktail Inn at the bar."

"What is it you want to show me? You can meet me at the Sanctuary and give it to me there."

"No Jason I can't do that."


"This has to be private. Our friends and family can't see this. This is just for you."

"Ok...but this has better be good if this is so important."

"It is. Take Care."

He suddenly hung up so fast that left me a bit confused and curious to what he had for me at the Cocktail Inn downtown. He didn't even let me know what time so I know it had to be today and I get off in the evening. If there's one thing I know, if Werefox had to meet me downtown to just give me something that is that important, then it must definitely be more than its worth. There was only one way to find out.

When the evening finally came, I punched out and headed to my car at the parking lot. Luckily the news press was in front of the Police Department as I left in the back. I drove back to my Sanctuary where my pack resides and signaled to open the gate. They let me in and I can see a group of my members welcomed me back home. As I went in, they threw a surprise party for me to celebrate my promotion into becoming the next City's Police Commissioner. After enjoying some cake and other commodities, I went upstairs to change out of clothing and took a shower before wearing my shirt and pants to head off to the Cocktail Inn. My pack wanted me to stay for a little while and I stayed being the center of attention. I celebrated a toast to not only my promotion but also the opening of the doors of our safety and assurance from those who threaten our Sanctuary, and ensure our protection and those who are lycanthropes as long as they bide by certain rules and restrictions that does not undermine anything that will result of anything compromising this. I drank the champagne down with my pack as everyone cheered and converse with each other.

My cell phone ring again and it was Werefox again and I opened it up to speak with him.

"Jason? Where are you? You coming to the Cocktail Inn?" He said as I heard a few giggles behind his voice.

"Yeah, I just...got into a party back home. I'm on my way but tell me...what is it you wanted to give me that's so important?"

"You'll see when you come here. If you don't come soon, you'll miss your chance."

"Wait...what do you mean?"

"Come down and see. See you soon."

"Wait...." He suddenly hung up and I shook my head a bit as I sighed and quietly make my way to the front door. But not before letting my pack know where I'm going and to continue the celebration when I get back. I walked to my car and started the engine. I signaled to open the gates and drove down until I get onto the road and took the bridge that let me enter midtown. The traffic was rough on Friday nights; even worse than rush hour because everyone wants to come to the city on Friday nights. Its the Friday nights that made the bars and restaurants almost fill up, the restaurants having their best sales, and the city's attractions bringing alot of people to see the view of the city illuminating at night.

I took the express lane to make things go smoothly for me in traffic and remembered the exit that will take me closest to the Cocktail Inn. It was a long drive since the city is very big like a metropolis but at least it was a smooth ride going downtown and much faster too. I got off from the exit and drove my way to the Cocktail Inn. It's a nice and descent place to be with your friends and go out for a drink, but now my curiosity grew as to what Werefox wanted to give me that's so important to drive all the way out of here. I went to the same private parking space to whom someone I know who works there. He let me in to park and allowed me without paying the parking fee. I made my way up the stairs to the Cocktail Inn. Surprisingly, it was dark inside except for the bar area and I saw Werefox sitting at the bar with a cup in his hand and went up to him with my hand on his shoulder.

"Hey! I'm here, now what is it that you wanted to show me?"

"About time you got here, alright everyone! Give it to him!"

Suddenly, the lights turned on and everyone got out of their hiding places.


The whole room illuminated and the echo of noises have returned but this time with the balloons, beer, cake, and our friends and lycanthropes who know our identities.

"Another party for me?!" I looked on in surprise.

"Wait....another party?" Werefox said

"When I got home, the other members threw a surprise party for me before I came here."

Werefox suddenly smacked the palm of his hand to his face and shook since he didn't about the surprise party taking place at the Sanctuary since he and other friends have set up this arrangement.

"Christ! Why didn't anyone tell me that there was gonna be a parrty back at your place!"

"Well look on the bright side...least I'm gonna have some more cake." I place my hand on his shoulder while laughing. He nodded and smiled as we get our share of cake.

I went to the table to grab one of the beer filled cups and gets myself a drink. As I looked around, I noticed one whom I don't recognized and figured that at first perhaps he's a friend of a friend who was invited for the sake of partying. He looked native from the feathers tied in his hair and see the scars on his face. He looks kinda more native and not like the city kind of person I would see. I went up to him to introduce myself and get to know him a bit.

"Hello there, your a native by any means?" I pointed out the fathers tied in his hair.

"In a way, I am." he said

"So who are you? Your a friend of one of my friends?"

"You can say that." He smiled at me while giggling a bit. I looked at him a bit odd in a way.

"My name is Jason."

"I know, your that famous police officer soon to be this City's Commissioner."

"Yup, that's me. Its an honor to me though. I have few words to describe the good feeling of what I'm going to bring to the City."

"You'll be a great Commissioner but tell me, there's something I wanted to ask if should I ever meet you."


"Forgive me to ask but, how is it that a Police Officer, like yourself, afford to live in a Castle like mansion just on the outskirts of the city?" He asked while looking to have a bit of curiosity while smiling. Its amazing that no one has asked that question up until now since no one has asked me that and only very few people besides those of my pack and other lycanthropes know that place is also a Sanctuary for us.

"Well the truth is, its been passed down to my family. A mere salary like mine wouldn't afford today's mortgage price value on it."

"I see...you must be a descent of royal family."

"Well yes I am I suppose." I scratched my head a bit concealing a bit of my nervousness. Best for me to throw answers that wouldn't give away any info myself being the Werefox that almost everyone knows who lurks at the outskirts of the city and other places.

"So what royal descent are you?" He asked while smirking.

"Well...." My nervousness almost got to me and I remembered the history of my home as I have to make a bluff. Its a good thing when I first arrived to the Sanctuary with my dad him and the members explained to me the full history of our home and they have kept it secret een when history has said they had somehow disappeared. They kept the lycanthrophy part in secret for centuries and ironically they were known as the lycan descents. Its good thing for centuries and even today, no one knows of the lycanthropes living in the Sanctuary and protecting it for centuries.

"I am a descendent of the lycan family that you've heard in the history books. I've inherited centuries of their wealth and the castle mansion. I'm a direct descent of King Drake." Unknown to everyone, the King is actually my father who has lived centuries and longer. He's still alive and living with my mom in the home from where I was raised before living with my pack members in the Sanctuary.

"I see. What's it like being a wealthy guy? I think your worth being a billionare." He said. Its true, the wealth me and the pack has allows us to live on the interest generated enough to keep ourselves more than afloat and allowed us to live the privileges we need. Of course, we don't let it get to our heads and we've kept it for centuries.

"Well I don't think about it. Even being a billionare I would still have to work and make a living. Besides, what got you so curious about my standard of living?"

"Oh nothing, I was just curious. Sorry, I didn't mean to go to deep."

"Its ok. So what's your name?"

"You probably won't remember it, lets just say my friend invited me here for some beer and I was hoping to see you. I've heard so much about you."

"Really? What do you know about me?"

"Oh plenty and maybe other things." He smirked and laughed as he made that statement. That raised concerns as I have a hunch that this guy knows something and its possibly my double life.

"Like what?" I said with curiosity in my head.

"Well like all of your activities."

"What activities?" That raised a deep alarm in me, if he knows my Werefox identity then I know chances are he might reveal it. All he need is proof and its all over once its exposed.

"Your activities and duty being an Officer and philanthropist. I've been reading you in newspapers and magazines." Hearing that, the alarms in me were turned off inside as I felt relief coming back.

"You really are an interesting guy, Jason. I hope we can be friends."

"Yeah sure kid, but I still haven't learned your name."

"Oh yes, my name is..." He was cut off from the loud voices of my name being cut off as my friends dragged me over to the table to begin a drinking contest. As I was being dragged away, I asked the guy if he was coming to which he nodded but leaned on the wall just to see and watch. He smirked as he pulled some sort of device and pressed the screen a few times as the light and what seemed to be some sort of recorder is pointed at me and the other guys at the table.

"I knew it...." He said to himself.

"I knew it...I've researched him and studied him for so long but now I know that he's the Werefox and his pack are living in that Castle. Now all I need is proof and I can blow the whole thing. You're gonna make me some money Jason, you and all your kind. I know that if you get drunk, maybe you might transform and the glass sky roof above will have the full moon showing very shortly which should trigger your little change." He smirked as his tail wagged in excitement and prepares to record everything that was going to be set into events.

As I went to the table, I was standing next to Werefox as two of my pack members were on the other side. It was going to be a drinking competition to see how long can we last until we can chug down no more. It wasn't beer this time, it was a special drink that's very popular. Its called the Ultimate Ice Tea, a sweet and intoxicating alcoholic beverage that one cup is enough to almost make you go sober. That's how good it is, that even celebrities have come here to this place to try it out.

"Alright everyone! Were gonna start this,now you all know the rules! Drink til you either pass out or you can't drink! Last one standing wins! Go!" Hearing that, I grabbed a cup and started chugging down that sweet Ultimate Ice Tea down.

The four of us grabbed cup-by-cup, drinking down that sweet tea down. It was as I expected to taste this good and so strong that even a cup and I feel kinda light headed. The others who are drinking beside me are feeling the drinks effect. I drank my fourth cup and kept going and Werefox was finishing his fourth cup already and he's just ahead of me. I grabbed for the fifth cup and already one of my competitors called it quits as he couldn't take it anymore and collapses on the floor. He was picked up and laid him on a sofa as the intoxication was too much for hm. Soon the other guy called it quits and barely could even stand, let alone walk in a straight line to another sofa. Now it was me and Werefox, we were tied. We drank the same amount of cups and everyone is astonished of how much we can take. The alcohol had already affected us to such great extent that the only thing keeping ourselves together for the moment was our will power. Werefox and I continued drinking until finally, after drinking 14 cups, he fell onto the floor and almost passed out. I finished my 14th cup and can feel my limits, but I grabbed my 15th cup and forcefully chugged it down. Everyone couldn't believe that I was able to chug that much down and still hold it in as everyone cheered and few of them shake their heads in disbelief. I had to go straight to the bathroom since I needed to empty my tank along with the other guys who participated in the contest. Of course we struggled and had some help. I won't say what happened in the bathroom, lets just say that the guy who cleans up, is going to have a very bad night after what took place inside. We came out and I sat right at the bar with Werefox to let the alcohol slowly pass out of our system. My vision blurry, the sounds feeling so heightened, and nothing seems what they are, I looked towards Werefox and smirked as I thought I was sitting next to an attractive fox girl. I looked down seeing how beautiful her body is and how attractive she is. Werefox looked at me and smirked also thinking he's seeing an attractive fox girl sitting next to him. We both smiled at each other, each thinking were sitting to a female version of ourselves.

"Hello...Ma'am" I said while burping and still disoriented.

"Hello...Ma'am. You...so beautiful." He said to me but in my mind I thought he said mister. Our senses aren't what they are while under the influence.

We somehow imagined each was winking at the other and we brought our hands to each other on the table,s howing some form of attraction and affection to each other. The wolf with the feathers braided in his hair was laughing while recording this, seeing how much we were under the influence and looks up seeing the full moon finally showing once the clouds had cleared up.

"This is gonna be great, now just have to wait and let the moon trigger the effect."

While me and Werefox, still drunk and seeing each other as attractive females, were exchanging words of affection and attraction, the others in the room started to notice this and were giggling. Someone tried to go to us but was stopped, convinced that this should be a funny scenario. Everyone pulled out their phones and switched to video mode to record everything on what was taking place at the bar area. They can hear our words and everything were doing unknown to us. Everyone watched us as things were about to get more interesting.

"Wanna dance?" I said to him. He nodded at me but under the influence we see each other as female version of ourselves.

We got up and headed to a little area, everyone can see us and the random music that has been running since I've got here made us drew closer as we moved around close. Everyone is saying "WHOOOOOOOO!" while seeing us dancing so slowly and quite messy due to the alcohol affecting us. Werefox was right in front of me and I was behind him and already we somehow were moving at the same rhythm. He rubbed his rear at my crotch as we moved in the same circular motion.

Everyone was laughing so hard that it can be heard outside to the next block while pulling their phones out and recording everything that was taking place. The wolf with the feathers braided in his hair shook his head in disbelief that even when the full moon was out, it didn't trigger to turn into my wereform as he predicted, but still it was worth his time considering he's seeing the most funniest moment taking place here at the Cocktail Inn. Even though, it was summer and the Cocktail Inn has good air condition, for some reason me and Werefox felt it was getting hot in the room and we ended up taking our shirts off. Everyone laughed and Whoo'ed seeing that things might get more interesting as they continue to capture every single move of us. While we still danced, for some reason our....attraction seemed to have grown deeper...he looked at me and smiled.

"How about we have some fun time together....I got beer." He said while holding his beer in my hand. But the bottle was already empty as was mine since we've grabbed the empty glasses that was left by our friends before we danced. Everyone Woo'ed again and trying to hold their giggles and laughter in while listening in. Then what I was going to say was going to be a classic line.

"Yeah, I can drink you and fuck beer at the same time." Hearing that out of my mouth, everyone including the manager who runs the Cocktail Inn busted out in laughter while taking not only snapshots but recorded everything. But then suddenly one of our friends knew where it was going to lead and decided to wait for the right moment to intervene since he was also enjoying this scenario.

Just when things was going hilarious, Werefox reaches for his belt and undoes it and unzips his jeans and then I done the same. We still looked at each other and slowly brought our heads closer and our lips closer together. Everyone had there eyes wide open seeing what's about to take place and was about to get ready to record what might was about to happen. But suddenly, our friend jumped in after recovering from his own laughter he got in between of us to stop us from ending up doing something that might have been...well...pretty naughty. Another one of our friends got involved and help try to separate me and Werefox. He got Werefox away from me from a bit while the other friend got me away.

"Alright Jason, I think that's enough for one night, just have a seat." He said to me while smiling and laughing a bit.

"But I wanna drink her, I'll drink you next." I said. he room laughed at my comment again which made him shook his head and laugh after hearing that.

Suddenly, Werefox's pants and fallen and he tripped landing hard on his head. My ant's fell off and I tripped on them as well and landed onto the back of my head hard. Both of us were knocked out as everyone rushed to see if were alright. When everyone found out that we were fine, someone dragged us to the sofa and let us laid there until they decided to rive us back home to the Sanctuary. One of my members grabbed the keys to my car and brought my car to the back so as to make sure no one would get a good glimpse of me should the press or anyone see's my condition. Me and Werefox were carried out and put into my car and we drive off. Whoever was driving, took the expressway to ensure that no one would notice or at least very few who think that we were asleep.

When we reached the gates, they opened it and saw us already asleep. We were dragged up to Werefox's bedroom and placed on his bed. Most of my members who lives with me are either hunting or were asleep. The few of them also helped to carry us and saw everything of what took place from the recording from whoever brought us back home. They wound up laughing seeing the entire video and decided to play a small joke. They put me and Werefox lined up to each other on our sides next to each other, but not before stripping us of our remaining clothing to make it look like that we....well you can figure that out. Our shirts were taken with us so we didn't lose them and we still have our wallet and money. Then, on Werefox's Computer, logged in and started uploading everything that has happened in the Cocktail in with me and Werefox being the main subject of that video. The others uploaded their parts on youtube, myspace, etc. He looged out of his accounts where he uploaded the video and erased any history to ensure that no one will get to his passwords and then opened the browser again linked the video and kept it on the screen to make sure we get a good look of ourselves when we snapped out of our drunk concussion. They left our pants, shirts, and other clothing on the floor to make it look like that we stripped down and slept with each other on purpose and then left. Of course not before someone said if they should take our money to which someone stopped them from doing so and left jokingly, leaving the door closed. Werefox and I slept together, close, not even knowing the revelation that was going to unfold by the time we wake up. I know that whatever is going to happen, its going to be something we'll never forget.

Meantime, away from the castle mansion and from the city, the wolf with the feathers braided in his hair had returned to an undisclosed place in an apartment building and knocked on the door. Someone opened it and let him in and quickly closed it.

"So how was it? Did he transformed?" He said.

"No he didn't, I didn't get the proof this time. But I did captured something." He said and showed him the recorded video of the events that took place in the Cocktail Inn.

"What is this?" He laughed so hard that anyone living next to him, and above and below, can hear him until he calmed himself down and tries his best to get serious while holding back what he saw in that video.

"I figured we can use this. We may not get him turning into his wereform but we can expose this to ensure that he won't become Commissioner and bust him being the Werefox."

"Yeah, your right. This would be very interesting to see all the events turned against him. Its too bad but he's gonnna make us rich."

"Don't forget my share in this, I need the money you know."

"Yes Telkop, I know. We had a deal."

"Still, I can't say that I haven't enjoyed it. At least I got free drinks for myself."

He heads to his computer and gets in contact with his network of other people who is secretly attempting to expose Jason and shows them the video.

"You guys should be laughing at this by now, we can use this against him." He said while giggles were escaping but the others weren't laughing as that time has passed already.

"I'm afraid I got some bad news. They already uploaded the video and its already hitting the press."

"But that's good news. He'll be embarrassed and this will ensure he won't be the next Commissioner." He said but then his mood change seeing the expression of the others as they linked him to the recently put articles and comments of the video.

"Wait what...?" He looked and saw that instead of it defaming him, it made him more of a celebrity in the City and people are actually liking seeing Jason celebrate his promotion and seeing him in that state has made him even more popular and having a more positive view of him. He shook his head in disbelief and looks at Telkop.

"Telkop, is there any way for you to expose him?"

"I can infiltrate and place your hidden surveillance of him. But I want everything of them so I wouldn't make it live yet. I want all the info released at once through the net so that way we would blow the whole thing at once along with everyone's identities."

"Yes, that would be good...in fact its brilliant. Alright Telkop, I'll have my assistants help you but remember you must not be seen inside of there."

"I know, the labyrinth system under the castle will help me but I need the cameras that can self destruct if any of them were to be discovered to make sure our tracks aren't found."

"Very well then, get some rest, tomorrow we'll set our plans in motion to set everything up and getting you inside and out of their so called fortress."

He nodded and left as he set himself readying for bed. When he fell asleep, he spoke to his associates through the network.

"I'm glad we have him under our wing. To think that he was able to deduce Jason as the Werefox is an impressive feat but without proof, we won't get back at the bastard who turned our friends and family into...one of them." He said with anger.

"Don't worry, once we have what we need, he won't have anywhere to run away. It will be him against the entire world who will hunt him down. But don't forget its your job to ensure Telkop does his part and obtain hard proof of not only Jason but also every member of his pack, and everyone he's linked too, get their identities, their locations, the proof they're lycanthropes from their daily lives, and expose it to everyone through the net."

"I know."

"And one more thing, once Telkop does his part....."

"Yes, he'll be taken care of."

"We don't want him to get all the credit, nor do we want him to expose us, so once everything is done after Jason is exposed....kill him."

"He nodded as he understands his orders and his screen monitor turns off. He got up and went straight to his bedroom and readies for bed. As he layed on his mattress, he looked up and had a hard thought.

"Your mine Jason, this time I'll get you you lycanthrope bastard."

His eyes grown heavy as he fell asleep, determined to get Jason once and for all.

To Be Continued.....

Phew! Another story in the bag. In case you haven't noticed this story takes place before this one: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14199267/ (Warning NSFW!)

Don't worry, it won't stop there as there's another surprise waiting in store for all of you of what happened after that night. I promise your gonna love it. :love:

Jason Werefox is myself.
Werefox Aries is WereFox on FA.
Telkop is telkop on FA.
Jessica is gamegod210 on FA.
Kitami is kitami.may on FA.
Renki is renki-blackwolf on FA.
Fuzzy Fox is fuzzyf0x on FA.

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