s t r e a m + r a f f l e . f r i d a y . by jasmae

s t r e a m + r a f f l e . f r i d a y .


3 April 2018 at 16:50:45 MDT

S T R E A M</bFriday, April 6th @ 3pm EST - midnight

In-stream commission choices:

  1. Quick Sketches!Normal rate: $18 single, $30 coupleStream rate: $13 single, $26 coupleChoice of SFW or Artistic Nudity - NEVER adult!</i
  2. Silhouette Icons!Normal rate: $15 single, $25 coupleStream rate: $10 single, $20 coupleAlways SFW!</i
  3. Silhouette Scenes!Normal rate: $45 one scene up to 2 charsStream rate: $30 one scene up to 2 charsSFW, aside from potential blood depending on your scene theme.</iOrder forms and commission info will be available Friday @ 2:30pm - a half hour b4 the stream starts!

Check my Terms of Service for more info on my wills/wonts.

+ RAFFLE!raffle at or near the end of the stream for your choice of: a one character quick sketch, silhouette icon or silhouette scene!
But only if I reach my goal of at least 10 in-stream orders!
Everyone present in-stream will get 1 entry.
Everyone present in-stream who ordered a sketch will get +1 entry per sketch they ordered in-stream.
See you there!

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