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C:Binding Emerald Embrace vs Vying Vampire Bat by jarmenj

C:Binding Emerald Embrace vs Vying Vampire Bat


26 June 2016 at 22:11:46 MDT
Drew this!

Upon visiting the scarlet seductress, the emerald tree boa shortly enwrapped the pretty dragon within her vice-like grip - both intending on something gritty! There was more pleasure rather than pressure between snake and bat, At most, respite instead of wicked. a kiss even at that! The two of them were both no fools, her emerald scales like jewels and her two teeth no joke. The kiss hiding something amiss - but her smug grin held, akin to her hug. The two eschew and instead agree to the bed ahead.

Esmera is my character. owns Eiris.
Comments, favs, love all welcome!