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Com Guide


4 April 2018 at 03:03:16 MDT

Commission Status: OPEN

Previous Commissions and Trades.

Requests: NO
Trades: MAYBE

Simply note me if you're curious about commissioning me.

Terms Of Service:

Things I will NOT draw: Pedo/adult cub art, rape/non-con (this list is subject to change).

-Payment is to be sent before work will begin. For larger projects (ie inks and full digital pieces) you can request a sketch. If the sketch is approved, payment must be sent before any other work can begin. Full payment must be sent for sketches before work on them begins.

-If I confirm your commission, I will ask for your paypal info to send an invoice to you for payment.

-If after a sketch has been approved and you decide to change something, you may be charged extra depending on the change.

-Sketch commissions will not be open for changes.

Payment Options:
-Paypal only

-If you request a refund, the refund will be sent based on what work has already been completed and the piece itself. If no work has begun, you will be refunded the full price (minus any fees paypal may take).

-I will not draw in another artist's style. If you want that style, go commission them.

-You have my permission to post works (commissions, fan/gift art, etc) in which your character(s) has appeared. But you must link back to me (either my Furaffinity or dA account is fine) and leave my signature in the picture.

-I have several art sites in which I post my art (FA, dA and tumblr) and I will post the work you commissioned from me at these sites (providing they do not break the ToS and AUP of the site). If you wish your art to remain private, you must tell me before it is posted.

Others' Characters:
-If the piece you are requesting is adult in nature and involves another person's character, I will need permission from that person.

-You may NOT edit the image in anyway that would remove my signature from the image (icons do not apply). If you need a cropped version, ask me and I will be happy to do so as I can have my signature in the image.

-If a sketch is commissioned that you (the buyer) wish to ink and color, you may do so. ONLY the buyer or those who are in the image may do this. Paying another artist to color my work is prohibited.

-If you (the buyer) commission lineart and wish to color it, you may. ONLY the buyer or those in the image may do this.

Time Limits/Turn Around Time:
-If you want a commission with a deadline, I will only take the work if the time limit is reasonable. Be sure to tell me that there IS a time limit so I know from the beginning. My turn around time is fairly quick (depending on work load, its about 2 weeks at most). If I feel I cannot finish the piece on time, I will tell you.

Work Queue:
-I tend to work on a 'first paid and final details' basis. I will publicly list on my profile whose commission I am currently working on and in what order.

Adult Work:
-You must be at least 18 to order adult pieces from me. If I believe you to be underage, I will decline the commission.

If you purchase my art, you cannot resell it for any reason without purchasing the copyright to it (which will be very expensive). If you are found out to be doing this, you will be reported and posted on Artists_Beware.

Submission Information

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